Lerner is turning 10 this year, but why throw a birthday party when you can throw a birthday party-themed STUDY BREAK?!  The Lerner Piano Lounge, for 10 years full of people trying to act like they don’t hear that bad pianist practicing while they’re trying to read, will have 500 cupcakes and what’s being called a “candy cabinet of sweets” from 5:00pm to 6:30pm tonight. No word yet as to whether Dodge, Butler, Low, et al. will be attending, and Schermerhorn is mad that you flaked on Secret Santa.

From there, head to Lerner 569 from 7pm to 7:45 for the CUarts Holiday Cookie Party and XMAS Talkback.  They’ll be serving cider and cookies before the premiere performance of XMAS 4: Shalom Alone. The creative team will also be on hand for a pre-show discussion.