This Band Vampire Weekend Went to Columbia

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The world’s best known former Ruggles inhabitants, Vampire Weekend, released their new album Contra yesterday. The album has received positive reviews so far, including  a shockingly high 8.6 from notoriously picky Pitchfork Media.  The band was recently interviewed for a Wall Street Journal music blog, Speakeasy. The band talked about books and wore cardigans.

VW also discussed their temporary move to California, and about Columbia’s reputation. Said frontman Ezra Koenig: “I feel like Columbia is a very different place than Princeton or Harvard, but to a lot of people writing about our band it might as well be George W. Bush at Yale in the ’60s. So it doesn’t always pay to be nuanced.”

Koenig even held forth on on Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: “I felt like the central theme was identity.” Uh huh…maybe he took Interpretation of Culture, too!

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  1. ALERT

    Guys! Contra is on sale at Amazon's MP3 store for $3.99!!

  2. ...  

    The central theme is ALWAYS identity

  3. fuck VW

    werewolf workweek FOR LIFE

  4. wee

    they were great on conan last night.

  5. it's hard

    to enjoy their happy tunes when the love of your life doesn't love you.

  6. asdf

    the title of this post blows dickwads..

    and this band seems to suck.. listening to it right now, yea it sucks, this crap is worse than emo how could you call this music

  7. Concerned Student

    BWOG! Please post something about the Earthquake in Haiti! What can we do if we want to help? Let's Organize!

  8. sup montclair

    i miss ezra's old band the sophisticuffs from when he was in high school and performed at serendipity all the time... they were much better than vampire weekend.

    also, it's hilarious when people refer to them as WASPs - like, i went to ezra's bar mitzvah, he's definitely not a WASP....

  9. sad

    I miss Jim. bring back good bwoggage!

  10. Anonymous

    the sophisticuffs hahaha that's gay.

    and yea yea it's wrong to say gay because gay people are people too blah blah blah. i know tons of gay people and none of them care about that, just like cool black people don't care when you make black jokes and i don't care when you make jew jokes even though i'm jewish; it's called not taking shit seriously. and the ones that take shit seriously are gayer than sophisticuffs.

  11. Konami Code  

    Contra with no spread gun is no contra at all.

  12. magel

    this band sucks.. i know much better bands in NYC.. how did vampire weekend get famous? i suspect some kind of under-the-table support because their music certainly doesnt stand out

  13. Try

    Columbia UNICEF: \Columbia University UNICEF is collecting emergency supplies that will be immediately sent to Haiti. We will place boxes around campus for all non perishable food, clothing, toiletries, and medical supplies. Please contribute anything you can, and look out for the boxes once school starts.

    Also, if you are a member of any organization on campus, we urgently need your help and collaboration with this emergency. Please contact us (cu.unicef@gmail.com) if you can assist us in any way. Thank you in advance for your help.\

  14. Try

    Oh sorry that was supposed to be in reply to Concerned Student.

  15. Anonymous

    classes need to start again...clearly everyone, including myself, has too much time on their hands.

  16. who

    is the chick on the album cover?

    this album is also #1 on iTunes right now

  17. Oh my gosh you guys...  

    the core works!

  18. people

    love to hate on Vampire Weekend, but you know they are laughing all the way to the bank. I think it sounds something like "MWAHAAHAA money money money!!" sung in falsetto over bongos and high-wailing electric guitars.

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