You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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Bwog’s Official Consolation Prizes Correspondent Juli Weiner reports from the Barnard Mail Center. Apparently, a suitable solution to the lack of ATMs on campus are these ATM decals printed to walls. The posters even display how to swipe–with two arrows– an imaginary credit card.

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  1. FYI

    There's an ATM on the main floor of Barnard, central building on campus.

  2. Amy  

    not to seem bitchy or picky...but you do know it's part of an art exhibit/installation, right? just look a couple of feet down the same wall and you'll see a lists of the people involved. it was a collaboration between the set and sound design classes last semester.

  3. bc 10  

    Yeah but the installation is kind of retarded, and it's fucking Bwog, of course they're not serious.

  4. bc12  

    this installation has been up since the fall. way to be on top of things bwog.

  5. ugh  


  6. Anonymous  

    I walked down that hallway this week. Really weird stuff there, you'd think you were in alice in wonderland or something.

  7. this is

    exactly the kind of thing bwog should do features on!

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