Café 212 No Longer Certified “Fresh” on Weekends

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Sad, lonely sandwich bar

Sad, lonely sandwich bar

If you had a craving for a freshly-made salad or sandwich from Café 212 this weekend, you probably found yourself out of luck. Indeed, in a move that disappoints many, Dining Services recently made the decision to stop its salad and sandwich services on the weekends.

According to Director of Dining Vicki Dunn, the café was selling less than 50 salads and sandwiches on weekends, significantly less than the number sold on weekdays. She says this is the result of students changing their buying habits, especially since the introduction of off-campus Flex and other options. In an effort to reduce operational costs, Dining decided to discontinue its Café 212 salad and sandwich service.

Even so, this does not mean that a trip to Lerner for weekend sustenance will be in vain. Café 212 now has hot lunch and dinner specials on the weekends, and the faithful Café East remains open. Coffee and pastry service still exists, there are new grain salads and microwaveable meals, and there is now an abundance of pre-made sandwiches in eatery. That is, minuscule, expensive pre-made sandwiches that just don’t quite fill the void left by a hand-crafted chicken club sandwich.

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  1. cafe 212  

    isn't THAT good

    • locutus  

      Irrelevant. Even if you wouldn't mistake the food for Le Cirque, it's still part of Columbia dining plan. That means anyone with dining dollars will find it more difficult and less appealing to spend them, which is maddening to those of us who bought [nonrefundable] dining dollars before we knew this change was going to be made.

  2. Anonymous  

    their chicken club is great

  3. oh no  

    the balt is a hangover cure

  4. that is?

    try "that said,".


  5. Anonymous  

    Do dining dollars expire at the end of the year??

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