Feeling Lonely? Buy a Date

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The men of Delta Sig are hosting¬†Columbia University Dance Marathon’s Annual Date Auction. The proceeds of this great event benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation directly. Bwog wishes you happy bidding!

The event will be held in Roone Auditorium from 8 to 11.

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  1. And  

    how do the boys of Delta Sig feel about males buying dates with males?

  2. Damn  

    You beat me to it.

  3. Just be sure to  

    Bid on the right Lucille.

  4. A Concerned Student  

    I must say, I was both disappointed and shocked at the lewdness of what was alleged to be an upstanding, moral event. The young ladies and gentlemen made numerous sexual references that can at best be described as edgy and at worst appalling at an HIV/AIDs benefit. While I am all for philanthropy, and I did respect the students who were putting themselves on display for the benefit of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDs Foundation, the tasteless sexual humor cheapened the charitable event.

    and the blind joke was kinda fucked up

  5. follow up  

    am i the only one who wants a follow up on these dates? so surreal. auctioning three girls at a time!

    after you buy a date with someone for $100-200, who pays for the dinner?

  6. MelC  

    It's SNOWING. take a picture! cancel my classes!

  7. Anonymous  

    Who would go on a date with a frat boy? Talk about charity...

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