Taqueria Leaves No Room for Confusion

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During Bwog’s Wednesday morning constitutional, we were delighted to note that at least one-half of Taqueria is open and ready for business. The new-ish dining room is open, the fridge fully stocked with Modelos and Jarritos, and take-out orders are made in the back. The nice lady who handed us our chicken taco informed us that construction on Taqueria’s oldschool half should be done in 3-4 weeks. We saw a few men working and a lot of sawdust. Maybe this time, they’ll have a sink! Taqueria has had a disconcerting few months, and the management certainly isnt going to let customers wonder about where Taqueria actually is. Exhibits A, B and C are below.

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  1. it's been open  

    for delivery the whole time though.

  2. hmmm  

    Wouldn't it be North and South Taqueria?

  3. drawers experiments  

    This has been going on for 2 months now and is no longer news.
    Bwog, find some free food for us.

  4. justwondering  

    who are these correspondants?

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