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The weather in Morningside Heights over the past couple of days may not have been particularly cooperative, but neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night could keep these Columbians from stepping out in their winter best. This week, Bwog began to prowl College Walk and various Columbia/Barnard haunts (i.e., cafeterias) in the hopes of catching a snapshot and interview with some of the school’s classiest characters. Here are some highlights; interviews and more photos after the jump.

Morris Michael, SEAS ’11

What’s your major? Biomedical engineering.

Favorite thing about New York? I guess just the people. You meet people from all over the world.

Where are you from? Sudan.

What’s one thing you always wear? My necklace. (Pulls out necklace with white fang-shaped charm.)

Is that a shark tooth? No, it’s ivory. I guess this necklace is the one thing I always wear.

Hairin Bahren and Yurina Ko, BC ’11

Where are you from? Hairen: Singapore. Yurina: Tokyo.

What’s your favorite thing about Barnard/Columbia? Hairen: New York!

What do you like most about winter, clothing-wise? Yurina: Wearing a scarf. And hat. My scarf and hat. Hairin: And boots. Yurina: Yeah, boots!

Which is your favorite fashion brand or designer? Hairin: Stella McCartney. Yurina: Uniqlo. This hat is from Uniqlo. Hairin: My scarf is from Uniqlo! Yurina: And my coat. . .

Sheng Yanyu, Ye Xinyi, and Zhang Bi Yuan, Foreign Exchange Graduate Students from China

What are you studying? Yanyu: Economics. Xinyi: Journalism. Yuan: Mathematics.

What do you like about Columbia? Bi Yuan: Its history and location.

What’s your favorite thing to wear in winter? Bi Yuan: I like those black clothes – clothes in black that you wear inside.

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  1. Anonymous  

    more of this please

  2. you probably  

    could not have picked more boring or unattractive looking people, well done

  3. bwog  

    the heat isn't working in east campus!

  4. Anonymous  

    good idea, TERRIBLE execution. none of these outfits are remotely original or exciting, except the girl in the gray beret and yellow scarf, which are pretty cute.

  5. Anonymous  

    omg first girl is hot hot hot

  6. Anonymous  

    yeah, agreed, id tap that

  7. Go BME!  

    Morris has the best kicks!

  8. anon  

    how new york mag look-book of you, bwog. LOVE it.

  9. Anonymous  

    i love the first girls docs- she's looks bada$$

  10. Anonymous  

    OR "she looks badass"

  11. sigh  

    just goes to show how vain our school is, all these fucking questions are about clothing

  12. i am  

    convinced that this is not exactly the best sampling of college walk. love the idea!

  13. hipster  

    lol, flared jeans.

  14. Anonymous  

    This could have been interesting if the people in the pictures were in any way classy or well-dressed...

  15. Anonymous  

    that girl frances really knows style. combining the casual look with downtown hipster.

  16. Terrible  

    outfits over all. With all the well-dresses people around you would think Bwog could do better at this.

  17. good choice  

    Yurina is awesome and always well-dressed!! good choice there bwog.

  18. what horses eat  

    Yay! Yurina is one of my favorites, and definitely one of the snazzier people around.

  19. bro

    first girl is the only interesting person on here

  20. BC Alum

    yeah! yurina is a total sweetheart!

  21. Anonymous  

    more of these please!

  22. the  

    first girl's hot, sick docs. others, eh. definitely could have found some better people.

  23. well,  

    it's clear that the first girl wasn't seen on college walk when she was seen in hewitt.



  25. ethnobessed  

    I wanna know why the white girl wasn't asked where she was from.

    Is this question only applicable for people who look foreign?

    • Anonymous

      well you see, off the top of my head I can think of two possible explanations:

      1. "The white girl" was interviewed by a different person than the others and was simply asked a different set of questions

      2. While the Sudanese man, the Japanese woman, the Singaporean woman, and the Chinese woman may well "look foreign," chances are their accents also sound foreign, prompting the question in this, our post-racial society

      but of course, your assumption that is Bwog staff is instinctively racist is incredibly valid and original.

  26. racism  

    is out of style this winter

  27. Anonymous  

    I think an article this bad can only be... a troll post

  28. only problem  

    really is that (with the exception of yurina) the collection of people in this article are rather unnattractive. regardless of race. if you're going to publish an article with pictures of people, they damn well better be either hot or have a farrrr out sense of style.

    • seas kid  

      agree with everything. i always see more stylish people than this. and i always see hottter people than this. but i never see both stylishness and hotttness together.

      ...except when i look in the mirror. zing!

  29. Anonymous  

    I think the real problem is that most people who are attractive and fashionable at Columbia probably don't want their fashion photo'd for bwog. Who can really blame them?

  30. Anonymous  

    I think the purpose of interviewing these people is that they are less likely to answer that their look is 'celebrity in airport lounge,' like the other 70% of Columbia students. There might be more trendy people, but I'm not sure that it translates to style, since they all dress essentially the same.

  31. come on, bwog!  

    let's see some people who actually have taste!

  32. Hater-ade  

    Everybody's sippin' some.

  33. Anonymous  

    " What’s your favorite thing to wear in winter? Bi Yuan: I like those black clothes – clothes in black that you wear inside. "

    what could this possibly mean?

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