The weather in Morningside Heights over the past couple of days may not have been particularly cooperative, but neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night could keep these Columbians from stepping out in their winter best. This week, Bwog began to prowl College Walk and various Columbia/Barnard haunts (i.e., cafeterias) in the hopes of catching a snapshot and interview with some of the school’s classiest characters. Here are some highlights; interviews and more photos after the jump.

Morris Michael, SEAS ’11

What’s your major? Biomedical engineering.

Favorite thing about New York? I guess just the people. You meet people from all over the world.

Where are you from? Sudan.

What’s one thing you always wear? My necklace. (Pulls out necklace with white fang-shaped charm.)

Is that a shark tooth? No, it’s ivory. I guess this necklace is the one thing I always wear.

Hairin Bahren and Yurina Ko, BC ’11

Where are you from? Hairen: Singapore. Yurina: Tokyo.

What’s your favorite thing about Barnard/Columbia? Hairen: New York!

What do you like most about winter, clothing-wise? Yurina: Wearing a scarf. And hat. My scarf and hat. Hairin: And boots. Yurina: Yeah, boots!

Which is your favorite fashion brand or designer? Hairin: Stella McCartney. Yurina: Uniqlo. This hat is from Uniqlo. Hairin: My scarf is from Uniqlo! Yurina: And my coat. . .

Sheng Yanyu, Ye Xinyi, and Zhang Bi Yuan, Foreign Exchange Graduate Students from China

What are you studying? Yanyu: Economics. Xinyi: Journalism. Yuan: Mathematics.

What do you like about Columbia? Bi Yuan: Its history and location.

What’s your favorite thing to wear in winter? Bi Yuan: I like those black clothes – clothes in black that you wear inside.