Yes, the World Does Revolve Around Columbia

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Evidence: (1) There was actually a giant Earth on Low Plaza today, brought to you by Global Brigades, which will be holding information sessions with free food tonight in Earl Hall at 7:30pm and 9:00pm. (2) Gossip Girl is set up at on Claremont Ave. near 120th St., perhaps poised to shoot on campus. (3) A line of police cars showed up near 122th St. today for no explicable reason, perhaps looking for coyotes.

Free food, Gossip Girl, a spot on World’s Wildest Police Videos–what else is there to life?

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  1. Anonymous  

    Global brigades is awesome!

  2. Anonymous  

    please keep us up to date about gossip girl.

  3. gossip girl's  

    gossip girl's still filming up at 120/claremont/riverside. just got some pictures with the cast!

  4. Anonymous  

    who's on set?

  5. Anonymous  

    they're filming in the church

  6. NYPD

    Sometimes they do this weird "show of force" thing where they line a street with police cars. I never really understood it, but if you travel around the city a bunch you'll see one from time to time. They're more common around landmarks, and you can see one often by MSG/Penn Station.

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