Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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Once again, Junior! --Photo by HEH

It says here that we’re in for a boatload of snow tomorrow–anywhere from 8-12 inches. JTS and Teachers College will be closed tomorrow, but you can chalk that up to their high percentage of commuting students and faculty. As of now, open on its regular schedule tomorrow, and things will have to get downright biblical for a sledding-filled snow day: the last time the entire University closed was during the Great Blizzard of 2003 (when New York got as much snow as Washington did over the weekend). Again, keep hoping over at http://news.columbia.edu/news/1912, which will have all further updates. And keep an eye out for snowball fights!

Also, Accuweather.com’s “Busy” screen looks like it has a lizard sitting on the Northeast!

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  1. Alum

    "Also, Accuweather.com’s “Busy” screen looks like it has a lizard sitting on the Northeast!"

    Lizard, blizzard, what's the difference?

  2. seas kid  

    i just got an email from james mcshane saying that columbia is still open tomorrow. boo.

  3. yo

    the color of the diana is SALMON because that's what vag's usually smell like. get it?

  4. BC 2010  

    All NYC public schools are preemptively closed...Bloomberg announced it this morning.

  5. school cancelled  

    that means columbias likely closed as well. remmeber the reason we had one study day was because faculty needed to be home with their nyc public school kids?

  6. closed  

    im hearing reports we're closed...

  7. but  

    the website still says we're open. grrrrr

  8. cc'10  

    there is no way this school would ever give us a snow day, we can't even get columbus day off

  9. sad  

    NYC public schools NEVER gave us a snow day. They expect us to be walking knee-deep in snow.

  10. ...  

    well, you know, sometimes columbia prefers to toss prudence out the window and play things fast and loose. it helps to keep the legal and health/safety teams sharp.

    dunno if i would play chicken with this kind of exposure when there's so much to lose, but hey, keeps things interesting right?

  11. Anonymous  

    Columbia University, the only school in the entire Northeast that's open tomorrow. And PrezBo says that we're wrong to think that the administration doesn't care about us...

    A lot of professors commute from Connecticut, Westchester, and NJ, so I bet a lot of classes will be canceled tomorrow anyway.

  12. Yeah this

    is ridiculous...pace, fordham, FIT, New School all closed
    Only NYU and Columbia are open this is honestly so frustrating
    What do they get out of this?????
    I bet all the administrators are sitting in the faculty house just cackling in laughter about the fact that they don't wanna cancel classes

    • Name  

      NYU and Columbia have large residential populations. The others, not so much.

      • Anonymous  

        Not that I like to be on NYU's side about anything, but saying that they have a large "residential population" is using the term pretty loosely. NYU's dorms are really spread out, and I don't envy them if they have to walk to class tomorrow.

        Also, Columbia has a lot of students who live off campus--almost all of GS, grad students, and undergrad commuters.

  13. Anonymous  

    \The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory will also be closed and there will be no shuttle bus service.\

    It just got updated

  14. will this be enough

    "NYU and Columbia have large residential populations. The others, not so much."
    Whose side are you on ?
    and what bout grad students and GS students?

  15. Who gives a shit? This school celebrates misery. At least this non-snowday is thematically consistent.

  16. Poor Commuters/GS

    I know some commuters who live a couple of hours away. I've been to my friend's house and I know for a fact that her train runs above ground. How are they supposed to get here? Columbia should be reasonable and just cancel classes. We all know that most of the professors will cancel at the last minute anyway, because they're travelling from god-knows-where.

  17. rediculous  

    This is absolutely ridiculous, where is CCSC? Shouldnt they be doing something about this? its unsafe

    • a.k.a. ridiculous  

      CCSC is not Batman. You don't just throw out a signal every time you need them to do something. What did you want them to do? Chain themselves to Low in the anticipation of a snow storm that had yet to happen?

  18. mixed reviews  

    about tom some say we will be open some say likely closed.

  19. 2010  

    is there even snow sticking yet? (i can't tell... top floor of EC...) also, if you want to guarantee a snow day, you simply must wear your pj's inside out and backwards. worked when i was 7 and i'm banking on it working now.

  20. Anonymous  

    CU just updated at 6 am. . still open.

  21. MEALAC Student  

    Really... they expect me to walk all the way to Knox hall in this????

  22. The National Weather Service

    canceled the Severe Storm Warning and upgraded to a Blizzard Warning in effect until 6am Thursday, with the heaviest snow expected to come around 2pm this afternoon.

    Roar Lion Roar!

  23. Anonymous  

    WTF, have they freaking been outside?

  24. ANS  

    Sad that Jim McShane had to go and prove the Varsity Show '08 caricature of himself right.

  25. name (optional)  


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