Boringside Heights: Swiping Edition

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  • To enter Nussbaum, you now have to have your ID swiped twice
  • Around the corner at Nussbaum, the brand of coffee has been upgraded changed, and is now 15 cents more expensive
  • In other coffee news, Oren’s has updated its new and perennially witty tip jar
  • Westside has changed the vessels for free spread samples from that oddly tasty alveolated flatbread to tortilla chips
  • Butler cafe’s continually amusing fare now includes Vegetable Sandwiches I, II and III
  • M2M has raised the price of a grilled cheese sandwich by 75 cents

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  1. Stumptown!  

    Nussbaum's coffee is definitely upgraded. Stumptown Coffee is sooo good.

  2. wait  

    why do you have to swipe twice?

  3. spellcheck  

    so is a "tip jap" like a tip jar?

  4. good news  

    west side has learned of their mistake alveolated flatbreat has returned!

  5. Courtroom thins

    Tip jap? Sanwhices?

  6. Anonymous

    Who orders anything else other than a ham/cheeseburger at M2M?

  7. Anonymous  

    philly cheesesteak maybe?

  8. Reppin' PDX  

    STUMPTOWN. Portland wasuppp

  9. Wait  

    I am so excited about stumptown, but I am worried they will just ruin it. Thoughts? Has anyone had it?

  10. YES  

    "Swiper no swiping!"

    Love the Dora reference.

  11. five oh tré

    There's a lot of room for them to ruin it and still make it better than Blue Java et al. Hope they also sell it by the bag.

    • stumptown!  

      does anyone know if nussbaum sells stumptown by the bag?

      • I don't...

        ...know if Nussbaum does, but Stumptown has a cafe in/around mid-town/flatiron (some have dubbed this new area "Soma" - South of Macy's, which is deliciously kitschy-hip)on w 29th btwn Broadway and 5th Ave in the Lobby of the ACE Hotel. They definitely have your beans by the bag. Just beware: the baristas all dress like they're trapped in some sort of Red Hook, steam punk, hipster fantasia.

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