1. anyone know  

    if that igloo is still there? because i want to take a picture and possibly go inside. :)

    MAD propz to whoever built it. it looks awesome

  2. Anonymous  

    OMG is that the igloo I keep hearing about?

  3. anonymous  

    they built that igloo so quick!! seriously, amazing job!

  4. ew  

    is that first picture of an ant?

  5. Informant  

    Builders of the Igloo were Timm Baur CC '10 and David Lee GS '11

  6. Hooah  

    More aftermath, this from my fav:

    Dear All,
    I have given some more thought to those wusses who were not able to come to class on Wednesday because of the snow-storm. Compassion being my weakness, I have decided to give you your assignment next week instead of this. And it will cover only through Kant. I will hold a special class on this coming Tuesday between 7 to 9pm at a place to be announced where I will try to go over what you might have of missed of Kant on Wednesday last. Your attendance of course is optional. If there are any among you who did come on Wednesday but would like a second dose Kant, you are welcome.

    Go skiing or something before the snow melts.

    val daniel

    (Professor of Anthropology)

    (This message is associated with CONTEMP WESTRN CIVILIZATION I)

  7. Anonymous  

    are those huge snow boulders blocking (!) the path between Butler and Lerner?! Hah!

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