GoodCrush.com: Curing All Your Valentine’s Woes With A Mere Click!

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If Valentine’s Day is slipping away and you’re starting to fret about not being with your crush, well, fret no longer! Following its successful stint at the College of William and Mary, GoodCrush.com (formerly the CrushFinder) has expanded and hit Columbia/Barnard and wants YOU to sign up and start crushin’!

According to Josh Weinstein, Princeton ’09, who started the site in 2007 to be a “Valentine’s Day student government intiative,” the site has a number of special capacities, including room for making, browsing, and crushing profiles; alerts for missed connections; and a new “periodic crushing” feature. In many ways it’s the same as LoveatCU, though Weinstein notes that periodic crushing does not factor as centrally on LoveatCU as on GoodCrush. He also expresses (feigns?) surprise at the Columbia-as-a-sex-free-zone stereotype, sharing that “[the website] is designed to help and I hope it does.

Weinstein singles out specific students – those “sitting in Butler or a class exchanging glances with another across the room,” for instance – as those who would benefit most from regular use of GoodCrush. However, given that most crushes and sideward glances at Butler in recent memory have been directed towards James Franco, Bwog remains skeptical.

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  1. cu crush  

    lovvvve me some goodcrush, still waiting for my match, though!

  2. Anonymous  

    excellent tags

  3. Hillary  

    Most of the Missed Connections are pretty boring, but this one deserves to be singled out:

    "Female seeking Male: i saw your sexy swagger in the Schermerhorn extension....and i couldn't help but dream about YOUR extension..."

  4. Anonymous

    i want me a crush!

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