Bwoglines: Local Prodigies Edition

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Photo via NY Magazine

Tavi was cute. A 5 year old fashion-blogger is just creepy. (Racked)

The city is training the next generation of arborists (tree climbers!) (NYT)

An un-known name in the art world, Shaquille O’Neal curates a new show at the FLAG Art Foundation, opening Friday. (NY Mag)

Prestigious pooches parade! (NY Post)

You can be great too: Phi Gamma Delta is co-sponsoring a blood drive today in the Low Rotunda. From 12:00 to 8:00

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  1. are you kidding

    wtf is phi gamma delta?

  2. was?  

    Tavi is still cute! She is the best. But you are right, that little girl is terrifying.

  3. Pacific Ocean Native

    Let's just hope Shaq put more care into choosing the pieces for his show than he does effort into shooting free-throws.

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