QuickJest: Rope Edition

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The latest rope-themed edition of the Jester has just been issued.  Bwog selects the highlights of the PDF, available here.

Bromenclature. We just love bros, brosefs and all things bro-related. For help with using the word bro or bro-related words more in your life, turn to page 4.

Cute useful things you can write with ropes. Page 11.

Knot-related puns. You tie knots with rope! Page 13.

Sex/rope related things: Letter to your boyfriend (page 8), how to tell your girlfriend you bought her a ballgag (page 24).

FML Rodeo, for when you’ve had enough of regular FML, TFLN, LATFH…page 18.

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  1. Bromenclature  

    while bromenclature is funny, bromenclature has been in use for a while among broternity types

    take note: circa september 2007, The Onion


  2. former jesterer  

    and riffing on bro-cabulary appeared some time back--to much funnier effect--in the harvard lampoon. STEP UP YOUR GAME JESTER.

  3. Hey,  

    Constance, the cover looks great!

  4. Jester  

    Jester is accepting pieces for its next issue. Email [email protected] for info.

    Blogging is also rearing into action, add jester to your GOOGLEREADER or glue it to your kindle.

  5. The Geometer

    I will not read this until it is published on the surface of a sphere.

  6. Anonymous

    disturbing piece: disturbing indeed

  7. Mike  

    Damn, that noose piece was hilarious. Nice job, Jester!

  8. Fan  

    Loving the Sesame Street...good stuff

  9. Man  

    that serious string ad was awesome.

    best magazine on campus

  10. !!!!  

    OH MY GOD THAT COVER ART IS AWESOME. Who is this "Constance" and why is she not my best friend???

  11. A Jester Writer  

    good stuff

  12. great issue  

    guys. funny shit.

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