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It’s that time of year: yesterday, sophomore inboxes across campus received a particularly terrifying email, one that intimated that they are expected to  bungle a catastrophically important decision declare their majors between March 1st and 4th. Thankfully, that’s not for a while, leaving an understandably flustered group–oh, wait, sorry, IT’S IN TWO WEEKS. Departments will be holding open houses in the meantime (often with free food!); that link, along with the full CSA email, is after the jump.

Let the crises of faith begin! See you in the ivory tower, on Wall Street, or in the unemployment line–because those are your only options! Yahoo!

Dear Student,

As a Columbia College sophomore, you will be required to declare your major online in two weeks, between Monday, March 1 and Thursday, March 4.

There are four important points in this email regarding major declaration.

1) To help you think critically about this step in your undergraduate education, many departments are offering Open Houses between February 15 and March 1 where you can ask faculty and students about the major, career opportunities, research, and study abroad, among other things. Every morning, we will email you the list of Open Houses happening that day.

Open House List: http://columbiaadvising.wordpress.com/cc-open-house-schedule .

Open House Map: http://www.studentaffairs.columbia.edu/sites/dsa/files/handbooks/MapSM.pdf

2) Please come to the Major Mentor Event to talk to students majoring in each of the College departments. This is an opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have. Or just come by to have eat or join the raffle. Wed., Feb. 24, 3-5 pm, 555 Lerner.

3) Eleven majors require an advising conversation with a faculty member and written approval prior to declaration:

* Architecture (310 Barnard Hall)

* Comparative Literature & Society (Heyman Ctr.)

* Creative Writing (612 Lewisohn)

* Earth & Environmental Sciences (556-7 Schermerhorn)

* East Asian Languages & Cultures (407 Kent)

* Film Studies (513 Dodge)

* Italian (502 Hamilton)

* Physics (702 Pupin)

* Spanish & Portuguese (307 Casa Hispanica)

* Special Concentration in Sustainable Development (Earth Institute Office, 1408 IAB)

* Urban Studies (208 Hamilton)

For these departments, you must fill out a Major/Concentration Declaration form and bring the form with you to your appointment with a faculty adviser in the department. Once you have the faculty member’s signature, return the form to 403 Lerner – before March 4.

4) If you have any questions, please email your CSA adviser or call the office (numbers are below) to set up an appointment. We are here to help you.


The Center for Student Advising

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  1. lying to us as kids  

    what happened to high school when counselors kept lying to us saying we could easily change majors whenever we wanted, and that the average person switches their major a billion times? liars.

  2. Do Environmental Science. Learn how the world works. Get all the hot ladies. Or guys. Or especially promiscuous panda bears.

    Seriously, amazing major, with a lack of the rampant intellectual masturbation of history/political science/philosophy.

  3. hmm  

    declare history. your life is controlled by the undead (unded).

  4. Anthropology!!!  

    If only because when Bwog does the feature on the weirdest (read: awesomest) titles, the anthro department dominates!

    Also, the last date to drop a class is next Tuesday for those of us with buyers remorse.

  5. Hey!  

    How come SEAS didn't get a post about major declaration last semester? We had anxiety too :(

  6. silly question  

    are you allowed to just have a concentration without a major? the bulletin sounds pretty ambiguous.

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