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WHO!WHAT? WHEN? No, silly, it’s NOW!HERE, Columbia’s own undergraduate journal of world travel featuring articles, photos and art inspired by the international experiences of Columbia students. It’s now here (get it?). The choice reads:

Ireland: “We’re like a petulant college student.”

Hitchhiker fiction!

Holland isn’t quite like you imagine it.

The Jersey Shore isn’t, either.

Shaman Encounters on the Kazakh Steppe. And that’s just the title!

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  1. Pacific Ocean Native

    NOW!Here get it NO WHERE! Visit us at no where columbia dot com. That's www.nowherecolumbia.edu

  2. Don't want to be overcritical but...  

    some of the articles (Angkor Wat) sound like stuff you could read on Wikipedia, and even the ones with more personal touches (Hyderabad, Amsterdam) are kind of general, vague and short. Although in the Hyderabad article's defense, it was more personal and perhaps of some use for students considering study abroad.

    Awesome Kazakhstan article--but instead of being too vague, I think there could have been a little more context there.

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