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So cliché, photo via Wikimedia Commons

Sitting next to two girls eating lettuce with balsamic vinegar and wearing the same brown boots and sweaters:

“I just feel like birthdays are so cliché.”
“Wait, why is no one washing their face?  Is it National Don’t-Wash-Your-Face Day?”

After some thought…

“I’m a pseudo-vegetarian.  But doesn’t that apply to fish as well?”

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  1. :  

    strong, beautiful, proud.

  2. at the barnard bbq

    last fall, i heard a girl (while eating a hamburger) say, "I'm a pescaterian, but sometimes I eat chicken."

  3. Sarah Palin thinks these girls are retarded.

  4. nice ASSumption  

    Haha, I have met waaay more hipster vegheads at columbia than at barnard.

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