McBain Fire: Not A Drill!

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UPDATE: New, scarier photo from Liza Weingarten

At around 2 AM, McBain was evacuated due to a fire that appears to have started in the room directly above Milano (or in Deluxe?  Bwog is getting conflicting reports) on the second floor. started when the rain shorted out the Deluxe sign, setting fire to the canopy above it (updated 2:40 a.m.). A McBain resident reported that there was “lots of smoke” in the hallways, and a Nussbaum resident saw a large flame coming out of the window. Fire trucks and police cars filled the corner of 113th and Broadway and put out the fire in less than 10 minutes. As of 2:15 AM, the fire trucks were clearing away. A Watt resident reports that the window is very charred, but no one was hurt. The entire street “smells like a campfire.”

As of 2:20 AM, hundreds of McBain residents are stranded outside in the rain. One RA estimated it would be 1-4 or more hours until they are let back in. Bwog’s thoughts are with you, shafted and soggy sophomores!

Photo by Brian Donahoe

UPDATE, 9:45 AM: The unlucky residents of McBain 211 report that the fire came into their open window while they were sleeping. The firefighters “barged into the room” to make sure nothing was on fire. The residents, Fernando Rios, CC’12, and Spencer Almen, SEAS’12, are being temporarily relocated while their broken door and windows are fixed.

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  1. it's ok  

    the rain will put it out

  2. yeah RIGHT  

    whole thing was photoshopped

  3. live  

    in Nussbaum. Looks like the windows above Deluxe are charred.

  4. real gay  

    damn fire i have a paper to write

  5. assassins  

    perfect time for some soph hunting

  6. ComeBack!  

    They are letting people back in McBain!

  7. lol  

    i dont remember this, i guess i slept through it

  8. Anonymous

    Wow. That SUCKS. I feel for you guys.

  9. Sleepy head  

    Slept right through the commotion and smoke...on floor two! Pansies!

  10. most important question  

    so is deluxe still open today??? i don't know what i would do if that place ever closed!

  11. Riaton

    Ha! unlucky sophomores, I bet they were pissing their pants when the firefighters came in! haha

  12. sophomore

    i pissed my pants when the firefighters came in.

  13. Riaton

    your pants came out, when the firemen came in your room and...

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