Bwoglines: Fulfilling Prophecies

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Photo by The Weather Channel

Stay in your homes – the Cataclyzzard is here! (The Weather Channel)

Paterson’s bombshell story (Take 1 2 3 4). (NYT)

The fight for marriage equality steps up. (NYT)

The Battle of the Barnard Meal Plan Part V: Deployment of the Student Task Force. (Spec)

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  1. woke up  

    looked out my window - holy shit that's some huge snowflakes. Where's my snow day??? Columbia really enjoys torturing us.

  2. Anonymous  

    Snowpocalypse! It's happening and Two Days before the Day After Tomorrow has arrived! They said it would happen and we didn't listen!

    okay so seriously, when are they going to cancel afternoon classes because I don't want to walk to knox from here and back.

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