Five Dollar Dosa

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Change comes to Morningside Heights in the form of South Asian fast food. A new dosa cart is located between 115th and 116th on Broadway, operating seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00  p.m. For the unenlightened among us, a dosa is essentially a rice and lentil South Indian crepe stuffed with a lightly mashed potato, onion and spice mix. Bwog’s Indian food expert Mark Hay informs us that “these are Mysore masala dosas because of the two types of chutney they serve on the side with [the dosa].”  Apparently no menu exists, but soda and other beverages are available for purchase with your delicious five-dollar-dosa.

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  1. Your title:  

    It's redundant.

  2. bwog

    earthquake? tsunami? don't tell me we don't have anyone studying abroad in the alert areas right now / kids with families there. REPORT.

  3. South Indian  

    Just FYI, "mysore masala" refers to the stuffing of potatoes, not the chutneys. A dosa is simply the crepe. The mysore masala dosa is renowned for its spiciness, so ask for just a "masala dosa" for a version more gentle on the taste buds.

    • Anonymous

      The Mysore dosa has a spicy mixture added to the dosa. The masala dosa has a stuffing of potatos and spices. I haven't been to the stall, but I haven't ever seen these dosas prepared in any way but this. I look forward to trying out the new stall.

  4. Mmmm  

    Just had one. They're quite good.

  5. FYI  

    They serve a chutney and a spicy soup called sambar, not two chutneys.

  6. Anonymous  

    delicious, but not enough for a meal.

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