Our favorite professor cancellation e-mail of the day followed by his previous warning after the jump. By his passing coyote reference, we have a sneaking suspicion we might count him among our illustrious readers.

Sadly, the University has decided to shut down at 3pm, cancelling all subsequent classes and activities.  I know how traumatizing this news must be, since I’m sure that the one ray of sunshine on this snowy day was the thought of attending my Islam class this evening.

If any one of you is feeling particulary overwrought because of this news, I am available for brief counseling sessions this afternoon…of course only until 3 when I will head for the subway like everyone else!  Enjoy.

Peter Awn

The latest news is that the University intends to stay open tomorrow, despite the predicted snow/sleet storm.  We will, therefore, have class tomorrow evening. If for some reason the chief henotheistic deities residing in the temple of Low decide otherwise tomorrow morning, I will let you now.  The probabily, however, is that the University will remain open.

Your Teaching Fellows do not all live in the Columbia neighborhood and some may not be able to make it to campus for discussions tomorrow and/or Thursday.  If your discussion section has to be rescheduled, your Teaching Fellow will be in touch tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning to make alternate plans.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

In the meantime, enjoy the snow and cayote-watching.  All the best.

Peter Awn