This Art Garfunkel film and the proposed mandatory meal plan: similar yet different!

It’s Barnard Meal Plan Hullabaloo Episode 47: A Case of Logistics!

After DSpar’s open forum on February 4th, a plan to form a committee was announced on Feburary 11th. Bwog was recently tipped by one frustrated Barnard student who signed up to be on the committee, but was unable to participate because of the predetermined meeting times. After 23 students had signed up to be a part of the group, Dean Denburg had promised initially that meeting times would be “determined [. . .] with student schedules in mind.” A follow-up email then gave two official meeting times and stated that all group members would be chosen from those who could attend these meetings, leaving a number of students unable to participate.

Bwog asked Barnard Director of Media Relations Sun Min to shed some light on the timing issue:

Given the timeline for the work of the committee, Dean Denburg and VP Brown offered both afternoon and morning slots to the students volunteers.  The timing of the selection of the meeting time and the student lottery winners was based on the time slot that worked for the greatest number of the students.

Stay tuned to Bwog for updates as Barnard wages its biggest civil war since the dress code wars of 1960.