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Meal Plan Wars: Spar-ing Factions

DSpar preaches about the mandatory meal plan against a backdrop of free food

DSpar preaches about the mandatory meal plan against a backdrop of free food.

If you wandered past Barnard’s new Events Oval last night, the first thing you might have noticed at the Meal Plan Forum, even before the presence of the forty or so mostly angry attendees, would have been the two tables of catered food. Ironic, yes, but it did placate the hordes of meal plan-protesters, at least for the first half hour of the event. Here’s our recap of  the the long, passive aggressive battle that was the Meal Plan Forum of ‘010.

Seniors v _?

A number of seniors showed up to voice their disapproval. Given that the meal plan is not in effect until next fall, no one quite understood what the seniors were one doing there, though one senior took the floor to violently express her dissatisfaction with the controversial Barnard graduation-room change.

Hand-Raisers v Other Hand-Raisers

Instead of instructing questioning students to form a line, the event’s organizers distributed approximately three microphones, all switched to “on,” among the first shift of hand-raisers, whose own questions initiated further hand-raising and general mic-fueled chaos. This disorder persisted until a full-scale mic war had broken out on the floor, with students straining to raise their hands the highest and gain entry into the next round of question-asking.

DSpar v Starbucks

“A latte at Liz’s Place costs less than at Starbucks,” said DSpar, eliciting a chorus of tsk-ing and nuh-uh-ing from her Starbucks price list-oriented crowd.

Meal Plan Haters v Meal Plan Haters

There seemed to be two factions of meal plan haters. At the beginning of the event, DSpar had enunciated the basic truths of the meal plan situation: that more meal choices (i.e new food at the Diana) means higher meal plan costs and solutions like mandatory meal plans. The first faction of meal plan haters, which included a number of students on financial aid, expressed their dismay at this sad fact, but not much else, though several of this group tried (and failed) to come up with other options for offsetting costs. Meal Plan Hating Faction #2 was comprised mostly of people with excessive dietary restrictions: kosher vegans, people who had “literally been poisoned by Hewitt food,” and one vegetarian who related that “French fries were the only thing I could eat [at Hewitt] that gave me oral satisfaction.” Attempting to unite all meal plan-haters were Embry Owen and Ashley Asti,  Neither faction brought about the administration’s spontaneous retraction of the as-yet-unofficial meal plan, and most meal plan-haters quickly realized that their anger was misplaced and also in vain.

DSpar v Herself

“This information was leaked early,” admitted DSpar sheepishly.

Ultimately, the Meal Plan Forum covered a lot of what we already know: that most people strongly disagree with the mandatory meal plan, and that a more appealing solution does not yet exist. Students had to compete over mics to voice the their opinions, and the two types of meal plan opponents seemed to be seeking entirely different results. The Meal Plan Battle rages on.

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  • uhm... says:

    @uhm... shows why this place is only a top 30 liberal arts college…they can’t even be civil at meetings

  • lol says:

    @lol oral satisfaction. oh barnard.

  • uh oh says:

    @uh oh What’s this about a graduation-room change? Shit, feeling stupid for leaving early now.

  • poisoned by hewitt says:

    @poisoned by hewitt “people who had “literally been poisoned by Hewitt food,” ”

    refers to celiac’s disease, you dumbass.

  • Sarah says:

    @Sarah pretty hilarious covering of an event.

  • spotted says:

    @spotted after a dramatic, “I’m glad I’m graduating this year so nothing else has to happen to me” statement, Melissa Repko storms out of the forum in a huff, stopping by the coffee table to grab a cookie provided by the company she urged the college to fire.

    1. ahahahaha says:

      @ahahahaha STOPPPPPP no way

    2. ...... says:

      @...... bahahahaaha!

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous why do seniors care about this? i am a barnard senior and this is kind of embarrassing.

  • also says:

    @also also, you forgot to mention the rich, entitled first year whose bombastic speech began with ‘i find the idea of paying for community PERVERSE!!!’ she was clearly high.

    1. tell me about it says:

      @tell me about it My second-hand embarrassment while she was speaking was EXCRUCIATING.

  • Unacceptable says:

    @Unacceptable It is unacceptable for a student not to be given a choice what to eat. In extremely poor countries where there is nothing to eat, there is no choice, but having to eat Hewitt food, which is, let us face it, highly processed and bad for your health is just plain unacceptable. I would enjoy seeing the administration eat there everyday. I wonder what they would think about it!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Your juxtaposition of extremely poor countries where there is nothing to eat and Hewitt is highly ironic at best, depressingly evident of your insensitivity to your quality of life at worst. You actually do have a choice, and you chose Barnard, an Ivy League school that already charges 50k in tuition. If you’re not willing to pay a piddly 5% extra in honor of community, I’m truly sorry.

      1. ... says:

        @... > Barnard, an Ivy League school


      2. ... says:

        @... Columbia’s the Ivy, not Barnard. Get your facts straight.

        1. sit down says:

          @sit down we get a degree from columbia and we all take the same classes. draw your conclusions from there.

          1. no, says:

            @no, actually, you don’t take the same classes (you’re not allowed to enter core classes), you don’t receive a columbia degree (see the website at the bottom), you receive a barnard degree and you don’t have the same admissions procedures as columbia. get your facts straight.


          2. huh says:

            @huh Actually, I’ve had Barnard girls in my core classes. It happens.

          3. Incorrect says:

            @Incorrect Actually, the full official name of Barnard is Barnard College of Columbia University and that is what it says on the diploma. Barnard students are indeed allowed to enter Core classes (there is a special registration procedure, and few Barnard students do it, since one of the major differences between Barnard and Columbia is the difference between the Core — which believe it or not, is not right for everyone — and a looser distribution-based system of requirements). As for other classes, the amount of cross-registration varies widely by field, and depends on what collaborative model has been set up by the departments in question, but the trend over the past decade has been that more Columbia students take classes at Barnard than vice versa. (Some majors, like Dance or Architecture, are housed entirely at Barnard; others, like Computer Science, entirely at Columbia; still others, like Russian, have a core of requirements that are taken by majors on both sides of the street and are taught interchangeably by Barnard and Columbia faculty, while most of the “hard” sciences are sequenced differently on each campus so students have to stick largely to one or the other.)

            You are right about the admissions procedures, however; each undergraduate institution of the University maintains a separate admissions office and a separate application process. This is just common sense. It is natural for students at each school to feel somewhat chauvinistic about the institution s/he has chosen to call home for 4 years; that, though, doesn’t really justify the slinging around of ill-informed comments whose only real purpose is to belittle and offend.

          4. uh wrong again says:

            @uh wrong again CC/SEAS are served by the same admission office. I didn’t even know what Barnard was before I came here so to claim that Barnard is an ivy league school is quite outrageous. Barnard is an AFFILIATED school of Columbia University. That does not, however, make it an ivy league school. Only CC/SEAS and GS are the ivy leagues at CU. Just because a few Barnard students like to gatecrash our core classes and pretend that they are Columbia students does not make them so. I think you are the one who needs to get over themselves.

          5. You're still wrong says:

            @You're still wrong All the graduate schools at CU are part of the Ivy League as well. Anything that is part of CU is Ivy League, because CU is an Ivy League school.

          6. You're All Wrong!!! says:

            @You're All Wrong!!! because I said so.


    2. Umm says:

      @Umm “Ivy League” refers to athletics. Always has, always will. Barnard women play on Columbia varsity teams. Thus, ivy league.

      1. cc says:

        @cc Thank you, voice of sanity. Come again soon!

      2. CC says:

        @CC The name of Columbia/Barnard Athletic Consortium indicates that Barnard is a separate college. Columbia has to put the name of Barnard to recognize Barnard women’s contribution. If Barnard is a part of Columbia, there is no need to put Barnard name together with Columbia. Have you ever seen Columbia/CC or Columbia/Seas Athletic Consortium?

  • what? says:

    @what? ?

  • uhm... says:

    @uhm... columbia is the no 9 school in the nation…Barnard is number 30 of liberal arts colleges…that said there clearly is no comparison between the two…
    Get over it barnard is a subpar education compared to Columbia…

    1. "no," is right. says:

      @"no," is right. Different admissions procedures.
      Different dorms.
      Different core requirements.

      Ivy League Schools are coeducational. Barnard is a women’s college. None of the other Ivy League schools meet that same criteria.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Actually, just to get the facts straight, Columbia has been co-ed for less than 30 of its over 250 years, so the person who says that ivies are by definition co-ed are wrong. As a GS/JTS students who gets enough of feeling unequal, I don’t mind sticking up for Barnard once in a while…


    @LISTEN TO YOURSELVES Clearly you have serious issues with your self esteem- educational ability if you spent the time to come up with a website of “awarded degrees”. Surprising that you all are seemingly so anti-Barnard. What you really should be thinking about is how you became so conditionally f-ed up that you are spewing such distain for an institution that is separate and proud of that fact- a part of Columbia University but their own thing. Why are you so freaking insecure?!

    I’m Columbia and I’m proud of it. I have amazing friends that are Barnard. That girl sitting next to you in class could kick your ass intellectually. The important thing is that you realize that either way it DOESNT MATTER.

    1. CC '11 says:

      @CC '11 Yeah, you have a point there. A few of my friends who are seniors actually expressed their concern that Barnard girls would get hired before them because they have kicked their asses in class for the past four years.

      Barnard is here but separate. It’s something that’s unique…get over it and move on.

    2. Agreed! says:

      @Agreed! I completely agree. I feel proud of being CC ’11, but.. I’d be damned if I could tell who is Barnard and who is Columbia in any of my classes, core included (the girl who sat next to me in Art Hum was Barnard). Do I really care what they’re writing on their resume, job application, or just saying to the waiter in California? Not a whole damn lot. I am 120% confident that whether or not I get a job depends on me, not on the other applicants from Barnard, Columbia, Yale, etc. Get over yourselves. If you’re afraid of a little competition, go hide under a blanket and yell for mommy.

  • uhm... says:

    @uhm... “All the graduate schools at CU are part of the Ivy League as well. Anything that is part of CU is Ivy League, because CU is an Ivy League school.”


  • the above argument says:

    @the above argument reeks of circular logic

  • my my says:

    @my my that is a beautiful room

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous wow. this just shows how full of [fill in the blank — pride, maybe?] a lot of people at these institutions are. you’re arguing over whether or not Barnard can or should consider itself an elitist institution. get over yourselves.

  • then again... says:

    @then again... “wow. this just shows how full of [fill in the blank — pride, maybe?] a lot of people at these institutions are. you’re arguing over whether or not Barnard can or should consider itself an elitist institution. get over yourselves.”

    Well the fact that you have to point this out and attack those who don’t believe that Barnard is Ivy League makes you appear to be insecure about your academic standing….

  • lets remember says:

    @lets remember Columbia better school? didnt they start accepting women 1983?

  • COLOMBIAN says:

    @COLOMBIAN Yes. Before 1983, Columbia and Barnard operated under the principle of \separate but equal.

  • then again... says:

    @then again... “Actually, just to get the facts straight, Columbia has been co-ed for less than 30 of its over 250 years, so the person who says that ivies are by definition co-ed are wrong. As a GS/JTS students who gets enough of feeling unequal, I don’t mind sticking up for Barnard once in a while…”

    One of the reasons you may feel unequal is because you can’t even put together coherent, error-free sentences…unfortunately you reinforced the stereotype buddy

  • Hans says:

    @Hans What is Barnard?

    1. Hans says:

      @Hans A women’s liberal arts college.

      1. Hans says:

        @Hans You have my name!!!!

        1. Hans says:

          @Hans Oh really?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous back to the meal plan…if they didn’t require mandatory meal plans when McIntosh was around, why do they need to require them now? Theoretically there should be the same amount of dining options…hewitt + food at student center + java city.

  • It's ridiculous says:

    @It's ridiculous that even this has turned into a petty “Is Barnard part of Columbia?” squabble. Barnard girls are dumb whores and Columbia students are pompous, entitled assholes. Now be done with it.

  • Why says:

    @Why can’t we all just get along?

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