RoomHop all the way to the Quad with Hannah Goldstein and check out the floral side of Barnard. If you’d like to see a crib get Hopped, contact us at with a picture.

Walking down the eighth floor of Sulzberger Hall in the Barnard Quad, you might get the passing notion that something is up with room 803. For starters, there’s a small cream and gold doormat parked in front of the door, and in addition to a floral tag bearing the names of the room’s occupants, the door is decorated with a smattering of paper snowflakes.

Welcome to the home of Julia Levin and Charlotte Fassler, Barnard first-years and friends from Los Angeles who knew each other before coming to college. Their fantastically fun and colorful room, which just begins at their dainty doormat, is the product of their combined creative and fashionable imaginations.

According to Levin, who was kind enough to give Bwog a tour, the room-envisioning process began when residential life granted their request to room together. The actual interior decorating process, however, “all started with the wallpaper” – a special, adhesive-but-removable type of wallpaper that Barnard housing pre-approved. Levin will concede that “Charlotte did most of the work,” throwing together various pieces from Urban Outfitters and Pier One to add to the Old Hollywood ambiance. However, the décor isn’t so one-sided because, as Levin notes, “we both love Audrey Hepburn.”

The two also share an appreciation for disposable cameras, evidenced by the photographs plastered around their mirror and all over their bulletin boards.

Additionally, the girls have a waterproof floral carpet, allowing for full enjoyment of the contents of their photo-covered mini fridge during any of their frequent get-togethers with girlfriends. Indeed, the room is quite conducive to such gatherings: Fassler’s desk area also includes a DVD player and Nintendo gaming system.

Also central to the room’s decoration are the girly patterned and printed throw pillows, displays of bow headbands and strappy Mary-Jane heels, and framed postcards of New York. But don’t let this mislead you; this room isn’t all about play. There are piles and piles of books sitting on every available surface, and as Levin wrapped up her tour and grabbed a notebook for class, it was clear that this room is as much a lounge space as a study space – just as the perfect dorm room should be.