Disco Inferno Correspondent Megan McGregor advises you to boogie on over to Lerner’s Black Box this evening at 8 p.m.

The MaMa Project, which began in 2002, provides opportunities for student choreographers to produce their own shows with a more cohesive theme than the Orchesis showcases every semester.  This year’s showcase features enthralling and innovative choreography by Shilpa Vashishta, BC ’10.

“Along Those Lines” comprises five thought-provoking pieces, each highlighting unique qualities of human movement.  The showcase commences with a radiant beam of light shining upon downstage left that seems to generate movement among the dancers as they move in and out of its luminance.  Each piece captures how motion is emotive and subtle; it is generated and manipulated by the slightest bend of a finger or turn of a neck.

“Walls” was the most captivating piece of the show and utilized these minuscule and seemingly insignificant motions to convey an intense message about the boundaries we create within ourselves and in respect to others.  From using one’s big toe to trace a circle on the stage to painfully peeling down the literal wall of the theater, Vasishta’s choreography reveals her great understanding of space.  Even in moments of complete stillness or infinitesimal movement, the dancers’ bodies cut through the air and filled the entire space.

Along with brilliant and novel contemporary choreography, “Along Those Lines” treats its audience to a tasteful score, including Passion Pit, Billie Holiday, and Radiohead. The Mama Project 2010’s third and final show is at 8:00 p.m. in Lerner Black Box.