Broken Housing

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Numerous people have been reporting that the Housing registration application that went live today seems to be broken. Students have been experiencing various technical errors, such as not being able to log in (“Either your session has timed out or you are not currently logged in”) or not being able to submit the actual application (“There was an error in processing your last request”).

Columbia knows about the problem, and the Hospitality Desk recommends that students email [email protected] so that Housing can keep a record of the problem. According to them, the system will “hopefully” be back up and running by tomorrow.

UPDATE: As of 3 PM Tuesday, glitches were not fixed. Come ooooon, Housing!

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  1. WAY

    too soon. insensitive jerks.

  2. Shadowed Text  


  3. Apparently  

    Housing has decided that gender-neutral housing means no one gets any.

  4. ....  

    very nice use of CSS3 bwog!

  5. Uh....  

    Your image came from here:
    "Israeli soldiers blow up a Palestinian building in which a Palestinian gunman was hiding, in Nablus on Friday. The destruction of the building left 28 families homeless. An Israeli commando and a Palestinian gunman were killed on Friday during an Israeli raid that could deal a blow to reformist Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas's political battle for survival. — Reuters photo"

  6. Alert!  


    The graffitti in the Pastry Shop got painted over like a week and a half ago! Why has there been no coverage?

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