A Peek Inside Vareli

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A very hungry Bwog stopped by Vareli a few minutes ago and learned it isn’t officially open until Monday. Still, last night, Laura Gabriele crossed the street from her usual perch at Campo and gave Bwog a preview.

She received a grand tour tonight from manager Nicholas Belegrinos: “The venue features a bar/lounge area which can be turned into a club (!!!) [Ed.: A club!!!] and a restaurant area upstairs with a small adorable patio. Also in the basement: gorgeous wine cellar and wine tasting possible!!”

“Food is affordable (cheaper than Community) and drink specials not yet decided but will be around $8-9…”

This is IT! Bwog has dispatched its crack culinary review team for a first taste on Monday. Here’s an early glimpse at the downstairs bar.

Photo: Laura Gabriele

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  1. hyperventilating  

    so excited for this. how long do you think it will take before columbia shuts down the "club" portion of it?

  2. represent  

    this report is terrible, way to tell us nothing we didn't already know bwog

  3. Anonymous  

    can someone at bwog invest in a decent camera

  4. Remind me, what was in this location before?

  5. me  

    a. this location was initially a hardware store

  6. Why  

    Did Laura G leave campo?

  7. Christine

    I was fortunate enought to attend the Friends and Family Event on March 2. Vareli is inviting, warm, cozy and the food was INCREDIBLE! not to metion the FABULOUS wine list. If you are looking to go to a night club this is not the place for you.

  8. cc2010

    I may be one of the Columbians who work at Vareli, and therefore biased, but I think Morningside needed a place like ours. Vareli has great food (and nothing over $25), amazing ambiance and an amazing and unique wine list. And as a commenter pointed out in the last bwog post about us, Vareli means "barrel" in Greek, so a lot of our decor reflects the barrel motif--oak wine barrels turned into tables with copper tops, wood in the shape of the inside of a barrel covering the ceiling. We were actually open today for limited business, essentially anyone who walked by, and people seem to love us so far.

    I also heard a rumor that we'll be taking Flex sometime, but that's not official yet.

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