A Real Race for CCSC?

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Last year’s CCSC Exec Board race was, well, non-existent: Sue Yang’s ticket ran unopposed, marking a new low for non-competition for the top posts. For the first time in several years, though, a real race for the Executive Board could be in the offing, as the latest gossip hitting Bwog’s ears/inbox suggests there could be at least three people running for CCSC president. Yes, three! And it might be a competitive three!

Least surprising is 2011 president Learned Foote, who will try to succeed Yang after three years as class president. The two challengers whose names are out among the chattering few are ABC rep and Latino Heritage Month co-chair Isaac Lara and SGB/UC-CANF treasurer Eugenio Suarez. All three candidates’ tickets are supposedly close to being finalized–Bwog’ll have more as the final details fall into place.


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  1. I'm sorry

    Lerned foote is so awesome I would actually vote this year

  2. Anonymous

    his name is really Learned Foote?

  3. I Like Isaac!  

    It's like "I Like Ike."

  4. Anonymous  

    Learned is an incredibly wonderful person!

  5. eh  

    learned's not that great.

  6. fresh meat???  

    I hear Eugenio Suarez is putting together a great ticket

  7. CCSC Alum

    Bad decision for there to be two \outsider\ tickets... That will certainly split the vote amongst those who will automatically vote against the \insider\ candidate.

    If Lara and Suarez want any remote chance of winning, they would put ego aside and combine forces

  8. I love  

    Columbia politics. Every year, there's always a mention of a) class president (blank) does nothing b) (blank)'s great, (blank) works his ass off! and c) mention of an "outsider" ticket and rumormongering.


  9. Isaac  

    is one of the nicest, smartest, most sincere people I have come across on this campus.

    Now CCSC doesn't mean much in the context of getting shit done, because even in the most capable hands, it just doesn't wield any serious clout in decision-making... but in the borderline-irrelevant popularity contest that is CCSC, Isaac should win for being a great person.

  10. wow

    Learned Foote is pretty much the most amazing, hardest working, stunningly best looking candidate of them all! Gooooooooo Learned!

  11. sooo pretty much  

    the reason so many people are running is that sue yang kicks ass. and now it's like, "break me off a piece of that!"

  12. learned  

    learned foote is pretty amazing.

  13. clearly  

    after the disaster that was michelle diamond, and george what's his face, sue has been doing an excellent job and learned has worked with Sue and CCSC, has the most experience so clearly he's the best candidate...and since when does nice count as a quality at this school?

  14. i wish  

    i wish my name was teachth hands then learned and i would be soul mates!!!

  15. Learned MIGHT be a nice guy but...  

    Nice and favorable outcome don't go hand in hand

  16. Eh  

    Learned had his run. Three years will still look great on paper. As a 2011, I'd prefer to diddly daddly onward. From nothing to nothing is expected, that's fine, but a change of sight is best...and risky? Are we risky? Do any of us care about CCSC? Not really, but let's be risky. Risky is sexy.

  17. Anonymous

    Eugenio has been pretty helpful as SGB treas..

  18. Bah

    Who's Isaac Lara? I think Eugenio would make a good candidate and I'm sick of seeing the word "foote" all over my e-mail.

    Also, [email protected] But (I can only assume) no relation to this guy

  19. Anonymous  

    I also choose to share my mediocre opinions as an anonymous user on a blog. Yay internet!

  20. Anonymous  

    Yay Sean Udell!

  21. oh man  

    If Sean Udell ran for prezzzz ohhh myyy gaaahhh that would be pretty fucken amazinggggg

  22. friends

    if you ever get the chance to meet learned, you will understand how brilliant he is.

  23. Anonymous

    I have not heard of Eugenio, I've heard too much about Learned...Maybe it's Isaac Time!

  24. ummmm  

    Learned is more or less useless. He's only interested in pursuing "gay politics" on campus and will pretty much ignore anything/anyone who isn't part of that.

  25. Anonymous

    Eugenio has done some great work on SGB, and all of his candidates are involved in some campus organisation or another... TIME FOR SOME FRESH MEAT

    go eugenio et al!

  26. Noooo

    Cut Learned off before he blindly becomes President...again. What did he accomplish? Nothing. Seriously, Isaac Lara is the only level headed person running for President. Cut the crap and vote for someone who will actually accomplish things.

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