Last year’s CCSC Exec Board race was, well, non-existent: Sue Yang’s ticket ran unopposed, marking a new low for non-competition for the top posts. For the first time in several years, though, a real race for the Executive Board could be in the offing, as the latest gossip hitting Bwog’s ears/inbox suggests there could be at least three people running for CCSC president. Yes, three! And it might be a competitive three!

Least surprising is 2011 president Learned Foote, who will try to succeed Yang after three years as class president. The two challengers whose names are out among the chattering few are ABC rep and Latino Heritage Month co-chair Isaac Lara and SGB/UC-CANF treasurer Eugenio Suarez. All three candidates’ tickets are supposedly close to being finalized–Bwog’ll have more as the final details fall into place.