As Seen on College Walk: Pops of Color

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Black with a pop of color was the new black this week up in Columbia-land. As the temperature finally warmed and spring break loomed, Bwog spotted happy splashes of color everywhere, a reminder that winter, and indeed, midterms, won’t last forever.

Alex Comiskey, SEAS ’11, Schermerhorn

Major: Applied Math

What are you wearing? I wanted it to be the end of winter, so I wore color today. Just a green checked shirt from Uniqlo. I found the hat at a thrift store downtown. The bag is a friend of mine’s. It’s from Zara and I liked it better as a briefcase than a shoulder bag, so I decided to fold it over.

What is your fashion philosophy? Always sleek and close-cut, and also colorful.

What’s one piece in your wardrobe you cannot live without? It used to be my big pair of headphones, but now I guess it’s this hat. It’s my new favorite thing.

Thea Briggs, BC ’13, Columbia Gates

Major: PoliSci

Where are you going? To the Vag to study for a [European History] midterm. Yeah. I’ve got to remember what the 18 Brumaire is. . .

Tell me about your scarf. It’s actually a cowl! It’s the bottom six inches of a dress I got at Salvation Army on fifty percent-off day.

What’s your favorite class this semester? My Italian class.

Colette McIntyre, BC ’12, The Steps

Major: Can I major in Indecision? Actually. . . Funky Times. I’m majoring in Funky Times, with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Where are you going? A soirée. A dining gathering [where there will be] lots of guacamole.

What’s the most interesting class you’ve taken at Columbia/Barnard? I took Jazz and American Culture with Professor O’Mealley. Not only is he dapper, but we got to listen to Coltrane in class. Can you get any better?

What’s your favorite thing about New York? We talk a lot of shit but don’t take any!

Caitlin Watson, CC ’13, College Walk

What have you been doing today? Just reading on the lawn in front of Low
because it’s so fucking beautiful!

What are you excited about lately? Spring!

What else are you up to this weekend? Well, I’m going to Target First
Saturdays in Brooklyn then some kind of prom in Bushwick.  There’s a lot of
stuff going on.

Tell me about what you’re wearing. Well, these are flea market boots. They
were 50¢.  This is my slip that I wear four out of seven days in the week.  It
has all the animal prints on it for maximum sexiness. And this is my best
friend’s sweater.

Britney Pope, CC ’11, College Walk

Major: Math and Stats

What’s your favorite thing to wear in late winter/early spring? Skirts. I love skirts, and boots, and colored stockings to pop up over my boots. I like all-black and pops of color. I love color. I love jackets and blazers. I work. . . finance career. . . I don’t get a chance to wear skirts like this there! Tights are great. And modest lace – modest, I don’t like fishnets.

What’s your most interesting class this semester? Music Hum, actually! It’s opening my ears to what things should sounds like and influences of music.

What’s your favorite dessert? Now, I love coconut-pineapple Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Alex Frouman, CC ’12, The Steps

What are you doing today? Well, nothing I’m doing is as exciting as this weather. After I get off the Steps I’m just going to do homework.

Anything else? Tomorrow I’m going to the orchid show at the Bronx Botanical Garden with my sister.

Tell us about your outfit. These are Levi’s jeans, a Uniqlo shirt and a Gap undershirt.  My boots were cheap off some website a few years ago and these are my dad’s socks.

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  1. eugh  

    these are the people i go to school with? kill me now

  2. Cue  


    But was it really necessary for Caitlin Watson to say how "so fucking beautiful" it was? Why not just "so beautiful"?



  4. Shuddup  

    I love Caitlin!!!!!

  5. britney is

    one of those finance kids...had to brag that she's working for a bank

  6. Anonymous  

    Alex looks oh so sharp

  7. Why?  

    Why would anyone agree to be photographed when you just get shat on for no reason in the comments section? (I guess the more important question is why commenters have to be so bitchy in the first place but i don't think that's gonna change)

    • Eh  

      You're nobody until you're talked about.

      For everyone that weeps whenever their name comes up on College ACB there are 12 nobodies who just wish to get people talking about them.

      • Anonymous  

        "You're nobody until you're talked about."

        Opinions like that make me want to vomit.
        I guess Henry Darger was a talentless hack, by that logic. And Luigi Serafini, too. Were they "no one" before their incredible work was discovered?

        • Anonymous  

          You are currently TALKING about Henry Darger.

          • Anonymous  

            You completely missed the point... Henry Darger's work almost went completely undiscovered, but if that had happened, it would not have meant it was worthless. It was still beautiful and worthwhile -- he just didn't feel the need to tell anyone about it. To think we are only defined by the attention we get from other people is ridiculous... and pathetic.


    "EMBRACE HATE, nobody wants to see you do well"

  9. I can't believe...

    ..Caitlin is featured here. I don't know her and she may be the sweetest person on the planet, but the last time I saw her walking by, I thought "Wow, my grandmother actually does dress better than some people."

  10. my one true love

    colette, you are a magical ray of sunshine. mixed with gin.

    that caitlin girl is cute but i'm not sure how i feel about the dress.

  11. I call BS  

    On how everyone is alledgedly wearing flea market/thrift store wear. Please, we all know that stuff from Century 21's spring collection, you goddamn posers.

    • shit of bull  

      was it really necessary to tell us that your socks are your dad's?

      that's gross and not cool.

      • ...  

        i suppose a better question would be: why do you give a fuck where their clothes came from? the clothes look good, and they probably would have been more expensive if bought new. just because you prefer gap jeans a columbia hoodie doesn't mean you have to shit on their style.

        • Excuse me,  

          I side with "shit of bull" with this one. your question, is NOT the better question.

          CLEARLY you didn't actually understand the comment--the question was wondering about the necessity of these people TELLING us where the clothes are from. I think "shit of bull" was wondering why the fuck they feel the need to brag about where their clothes are from and the fact that they DIDN'T get them at the mall (e.g. thrift store). We don't even see the socks in the photo, they have no stylistic significance for us BWOG readers, and I'm pretty sure people end up wearing other people's socks not because of stylistic choice but because they just happen to be around.

          Nobody disagrees that buying clothes from thrift stores and such is cheaper, better because you're recycling/reusing. But why do people feel like advertising this information makes them this better-than-everyone-else indie gal/guy?

    • Seriously,  

      why do people at columbia feel the need to give off the image of the cool, "i buy cheap, raggedy-ann thrift store clothes cause i am so effortlessly fashionable yet not mainstream" hipster? it's not cool, and you defeat the purpose of not looking mainstream because you end up looking like all the other hipster tools on this campus. and if you happen to veer anywhere outside of columbia/ny, you realize how ridiculous it really is.

      please. you go to columbia, your favorite bar is campo (not the hidden gem, hole in the wall bar in the village), and the price of your ray-bans and "distressed" leather messenger bag made up for your 50 cent shoes.

      • AMEN!  

        HEAR HEAR! I have never heard it put so well!
        Regardless, ASOCW is still my fave thing on bwog.

      • i never comment  

        but this is so funny and so true.

        i hate columbia.

      • Anonymous  

        I don't think this is a Columbia or New York phenomenon. Kids everywhere do it, I think mostly because it's budget friendly to shop at thrift stores and while it may not be the high fashion you guys are apparently looking for, it's fun, interesting because pieces are about as one of a kind you get (without actually being one of a kind), and a good ways above the ugg-and-leggings-wearing armies.
        Also, have you ever asked yourself why the way other people choose to express themselves through their clothing (or don't, whatever) upsets you so much??

      • Anonymous  

        what everyone seems to ignore is the fact that the students don't originate their own responses, whoever is taking pictures of them asks first what they are wearing. are they supposed to resist response? lie so that you can feel better about yourself? i don't get what the problem is. if someone shops at thrift stores theyre a stuck-up indie/hipster bitch and if someone buys designer clothes they're a stuck-up rich person.

        and, seriously, if you "happen to veer" outside of columbia you'll get your head out of your ass about this hipster myth. these are normally dressed people. at this point, wearing a plaid shirt is just as ubiquitous for several groups of people as wearing a columbia hoodie or having absolutely no interest in appearance, which is what you seem to be championing.

      • Anonymous  

        Caitlin is the shit.

    • Anonymous  

      you don't know me

  12. Sucka  

    colette you's a badass chica who looks like a gardening housewife. jealous...jealous i MOOST say

  13. ugh  

    finally some decent looking people, bwog. i was getting nervous at the state of our campus by the rest of your "as seen on college walk" posts



  15. lol wut  

    When did Mimi from The Drew Carey Show become a student here?

  16. I LOVE  

    caitlin watson. and i'm pretty sure she really wears that slip five out of seven days a week..

  17. Anonymous  

    i fucking love colette.

  18. Anonymous

    Best "As seen on college walk" yet! And it's actually seen on college walk! Everyone looks fun and happy, and the interviews kept the same unpretentious energy for the most part.

    I didn't recognize the first kid until I read about the big headphones. I remember seeing that young man strutting across campus in those ridiculously big headphones last semester. Definitely a Columbia character, and perfect for ASoCW. I think what I like best about his look is that it could easily be emulated by other students -- they're pretty timeless and accessible pieces put together in a really on trend way. I hope we see more similarly well-dressed Columbia men in the future!

    Second, I love Caitlin!

    Lastly, I can't stand Britney Pope, but dammit that skirt is fly!

  19. Hmm:  

    Colette has awesome fashion sense. I see her around all the time and can't help but think how cool she is. Wish I were brave enough to pull of the shit she does.

  20. Anonymous  

    alex alex alex alex alex alex

  21. poppers  

    i love alex frouman.

  22. Anonymous  

    yay thea!! she's awesome!

  23. Anonymous

    "finally some decent looking people, bwog. i was getting nervous at the state of our campus by the rest of your “as seen on college walk” post"

    Uhm what? who are you?

  24. uhhhh  

    i think the guys are better dressed than the girls in this one. anyone agree?

  25. The One and Only  

    Britney is actually madd fly.


    YOU SEXY (yet still cute) MOTHER FUCKER.

  27. iBeam  

    As a reminder to photographers everywhere. The finger goes behind the lens, not in front.

    See photos 3 and 5 above for examples of what NOT to do.

  28. Anonymous  

    alex comiskey is my homey. love that kid and his style. i miss his headphones.

  29. Colette  

    is amazing. Ahhh how is she so funny and adorable!

  30. Anonymous  

    caitlin is awesome.

  31. anonymous  

    Can you guys maybe post some people in your style section who aren't hipsters sometime. Unique does not equal stylish and its so obnoxious how you take your niche taste in style and put it in spotlight. Get some diversity! I'm sorry but other than Alex Frouman who looks normal, all those people up there and from every style issue have had the most HIDEOUS CLOTHES EVER!! If you are rich enough to buy whatever clothes you want, please don't buy such hideous clothes. It really hurts poor people like me who wish they had as much money as you do to buy WAY better clothes. Thanks a bunch!

    • um wow

      that's your problem. no one else's.

    • what  

      are you talking about? i don't understand why you assume that everyone in here is "rich enough to buy whatever clothes" they want. i think that if you wanted to, you could use your money and buy less things that are more random/unique, which i think is the predominating theme here, or get more of the stuff that a lot of people have. someone seems to have an inferiority complex, and it's not pretty. not everyone at this school has a trust fund...

      • anonymous  

        eww whatever don't hate just because you know its true. Listen, I don't know how ya'll do it in NY but when you try to match see-through leggings with a bright ass blue skirt, wear excessive bright patterns with a solid cardigan, neglect your hair and wear a plain outfit but then put a big flowery scarf or wear the tightest clothing possible...its not cute. So like you may say I have an inferiority complex but I just happen to know how much clothes cost and at urban outfitters them clothes go for like 80+ dollars for a tacky ol dress and it is really not necessary. It has nothing to do with assumptions, I just know how much clothes cost when I move myself to the sale section. You all have an obsession with mismatching here that is really unfortunate. Please, hire some new people for the style section!

  32. thank you  

    for making my night

  33. Anonymous  


  34. Anonymous  


  35. Anonymous

    Colette is the epitome of fabulosity.

  36. She wears

    the slip four out of seven days in a week, but how often does she wash it?

  37. Anonymous  

    just sayin...thea isn't a hipster. she's a country bumpkin. yay theaaaaa!

  38. secret admirer  

    best as seen on college walk ever! alex, colette, caitlin, britney ... have my babies!

  39. Anonymous  

    Maybe not everyone on here looks beautiful, but at least they have guts. I'd rather read about their clothes than my own jeans and sweaters any day.

  40. ...  

    i don't think he was bragging. he was asked by bwog, so he told them. i'm responding to the fact that your hypersensitivity to the origin of his clothes indicates a certain self-righteous sartorial philistinism that pisses me off.

  41. I wonder why...  

    we aren't regarded as an attractive looking school

  42. cool  

    Caitlin: Where did you get your 50 cent boots?? Awesomeness.
    Alex: You're so funny; too bad midterms week is ruining the nice weather. :(
    Colette: Bold and beautiful.
    Alex: Best-dressed guy I've seen so far.

  43. Zulu  

    Loving the color of Britney's skirt, but it looks like she has gift wrapping on her head. Thea's scarf is fab.

  44. stalking a bit  

    I don't think she's working at a bank but I googled her once and it looks like she has been trading since high school.

    Oh and Alex was Gateway Group 6 Primary Facilitator: Alex Comiskey LOL! google

  45. aybaybay

    haters to the left

    colette is the queen

  46. Anonymous  

    prof. o'meally is the bomb. really, take any class with him. you won't regret it

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