Black with a pop of color was the new black this week up in Columbia-land. As the temperature finally warmed and spring break loomed, Bwog spotted happy splashes of color everywhere, a reminder that winter, and indeed, midterms, won’t last forever.

Alex Comiskey, SEAS ’11, Schermerhorn

Major: Applied Math

What are you wearing? I wanted it to be the end of winter, so I wore color today. Just a green checked shirt from Uniqlo. I found the hat at a thrift store downtown. The bag is a friend of mine’s. It’s from Zara and I liked it better as a briefcase than a shoulder bag, so I decided to fold it over.

What is your fashion philosophy? Always sleek and close-cut, and also colorful.

What’s one piece in your wardrobe you cannot live without? It used to be my big pair of headphones, but now I guess it’s this hat. It’s my new favorite thing.

Thea Briggs, BC ’13, Columbia Gates

Major: PoliSci

Where are you going? To the Vag to study for a [European History] midterm. Yeah. I’ve got to remember what the 18 Brumaire is. . .

Tell me about your scarf. It’s actually a cowl! It’s the bottom six inches of a dress I got at Salvation Army on fifty percent-off day.

What’s your favorite class this semester? My Italian class.

Colette McIntyre, BC ’12, The Steps

Major: Can I major in Indecision? Actually. . . Funky Times. I’m majoring in Funky Times, with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Where are you going? A soirée. A dining gathering [where there will be] lots of guacamole.

What’s the most interesting class you’ve taken at Columbia/Barnard? I took Jazz and American Culture with Professor O’Mealley. Not only is he dapper, but we got to listen to Coltrane in class. Can you get any better?

What’s your favorite thing about New York? We talk a lot of shit but don’t take any!

Caitlin Watson, CC ’13, College Walk

What have you been doing today? Just reading on the lawn in front of Low
because it’s so fucking beautiful!

What are you excited about lately? Spring!

What else are you up to this weekend? Well, I’m going to Target First
Saturdays in Brooklyn then some kind of prom in Bushwick.  There’s a lot of
stuff going on.

Tell me about what you’re wearing. Well, these are flea market boots. They
were 50¢.  This is my slip that I wear four out of seven days in the week.  It
has all the animal prints on it for maximum sexiness. And this is my best
friend’s sweater.

Britney Pope, CC ’11, College Walk

Major: Math and Stats

What’s your favorite thing to wear in late winter/early spring? Skirts. I love skirts, and boots, and colored stockings to pop up over my boots. I like all-black and pops of color. I love color. I love jackets and blazers. I work. . . finance career. . . I don’t get a chance to wear skirts like this there! Tights are great. And modest lace – modest, I don’t like fishnets.

What’s your most interesting class this semester? Music Hum, actually! It’s opening my ears to what things should sounds like and influences of music.

What’s your favorite dessert? Now, I love coconut-pineapple Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Alex Frouman, CC ’12, The Steps

What are you doing today? Well, nothing I’m doing is as exciting as this weather. After I get off the Steps I’m just going to do homework.

Anything else? Tomorrow I’m going to the orchid show at the Bronx Botanical Garden with my sister.

Tell us about your outfit. These are Levi’s jeans, a Uniqlo shirt and a Gap undershirt.  My boots were cheap off some website a few years ago and these are my dad’s socks.