1. Anonymous  


  2. Anonymous  

    haha. this is what columbia students are really nervous about during midterm week.

  3. I'm no statistician..but  

    she probably will

  4. did anything  

    happen on tibetan uprising day yesterday?

  5. oh god  

    This is great. P.S. mcbain is awesome sauce. I met so many great people because of mcbain.

  6. The International Drew

    Sounds like she wouldn't enjoy the Jestrum.

  7. Duke of Bain  

    I second that.

  8. mcbain's not so bad...  

    if you live in a single...

  9. dude  

    stop impersonating malice

  10. actually  

    nevermind, you nailed it

  11. actually  

    nevermind u nailed it

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