The Great Peel-Back

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You’ve left campus to find some green and Facilities decides to uncover the lawns.  It’s Columbian irony!

Whoops.  Bwog is vacationing in the sun and didn’t realize that it was this weekend’s almost-hurricane that teased us with the lawns.  We’ll let you know when they’re actually open.

Photo by HEH

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  1. wut

    bastards! and nyc weather looks good this week too

  2. Anon  

    uhm. wasn't it just the winds?

  3. sorry  

    those who looked a little closer noticed that nobody was actually pulling them back, and that we've had gale force winds (which blew them off), and that this is nothing other than a HOAX...

  4. i'm always

    lookin for green

  5. bwog

    are you serious? how could you get this wrong? it was just the winds man. you are really slipping - I would beware of readers switching over to Spectrum.

  6. yeah

    that don't look rolled back, that look blown back. that's some real shaky journalism bwog

  7. WOW

    embarrassing, bwog. just embarrassing.

  8. Anonymous

    shockingly green

  9. the grass

    looks so amazing fuuuuck

  10. OMG

    that would have been the most unbelievable shitshow if that tarp had completely blown off and gone airborne

  11. Bookie

    I am willing to take bets on how many days the lawn is going to be officially open for the rest of the semester.
    My guess - 7 days

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