Barnard Housing…It’s Imminent!

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There’s nothing to put a damper on SPRING BREAK 2010! like housing trauma. Barnard students can start registering for housing on March 22nd, as in the Monday after spring break. Registration lasts for a week, until the following Monday the 29th. Lottery numbers will be posted the next Monday, April 5th.

New for 2010: registration will take place in Lewis Hall (not James) on the 1st floor of Brooks. There will be new, as yet undetermined, room rates for studio singles at 601 W 110th. Mixed-class year groups will use the best lottery number of the group, but on Selection Day the group will pick from the lowest class year. In 2010, the class year of Columbia students pulled into Barnard housing affects whether a group will be considered a Same-Class Year Group or a Mixed-Class Year Group. The maximum group side for a block of students is 4. There will be some form of required meal plan, but the site says that the official plan will be announced according to class year.

Also new, and interactive (!): a Room Review section that sort of works like CULPA. Students can provide room write-ups, as well as pictures and videos of their digs. Plus, get this: Res Life will randomly select four Room Reviews and award their writers a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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  1. bwog,

    it's lewis parlor. not hall.

  2. weird

    isn't it imminent, not eminent?

  3. I'm glad to hear

    that Barnard housing is eminent.

    I'm sad to see that Bwog's spell-checker is broken.

  4. anon

    maybe they mean that it's better than columbia's... in which case it would be eminent

  5. Harmony Hunter

    should stop writing all the time what a loser!!!!

  6. ermm  

    why are we talking about barnard?

  7. Anonymous  

    Ugh, why did they change the maximize block size to four? That's screwing over all of the larger groups of seniors who want Sulz Tower.

  8. Correction

    Registration takes place online, via eBear. Selection occurs in Lewis Parlor.

  9. Hooah


  10. Anonymous

    class day speaker short list!

  11. Anonymous  

    Registration doesn't take place on eBear. Registration is at" rel="nofollow">

  12. all the reviews

    online have some spoiled girls complaining about street noise and the walk to campus. if I were them, I would be more worried about other things

  13. meal plan

    not true about the meal plan being by class- its now going to be by choice, and slightly by housing (like for those who don't have kitchens to cook their own meals).

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