Foner Disapproves!

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Eric Foner, Most Famous Professor of All Time and CC ’63, stopped by the Colbert Report last night to talk textbooks and Texas. Mr. Colbert was discussing a recent Texas Schoolboard vote approving a “conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks.”

Who better to comment than the author of your AP US History textbook: Sir Foner himself! Foner sat for a brief interview with Colbert and spoke about what it means to alter history. He wore a blue tie, and Bwog wants just go to his office hours and talk about everything. Watch the clip!  Foner comes in at about three minutes in.

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  1. don't act so surpised

    last november, the tx. legislature accidentally banned all marriage in the state.
    so really, what's the harm in a little skewed history if it would mean erasing their ineptitude from future minds?

  2. AB4life  

    The only author of *my* AP US History textbook was Professor Alan Brinkley, Ph.D.

  3. Texan  

    Anti-Texas: 1930s Texas governor on not teaching foreign languages in schools: "If English was good enough for Jesus then I suppose it should be good enough for us!"

    Pro-Texas: one of the best economies in the current crisis.

    Anti-Texas: George. Just... George. (the lady above was clearly a distant relative of Dubya, btw.)

    Pro-Texas: Chuck. Norris.

    We win.

  4. brinkz

    Alan Brinkley = my boyfriend during my junior year.

  5. ergh  

    colbert's interviews are always so irritating... foner is pretty funny in person but colbert's overdominating interview style doesn't let that shine through. give [foner] liberty!

    • character too strong

      Agreed. I just saw Colbert's interview with the author of "The History of White People," and it was basically five minutes of "LET HER TALK." (though his spiel on Scots-Irish was hilarious.) The problem is that I can't tell if he's still emulating republican talk show programs (i.e. Bill O'Reilly never lets his interviewees talk) or if that's really his interview style.

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