Morningside Heights, You Are OK Sometimes

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The sun has set on a beautiful, 70 degree day here in New York. Bwog had a lovely time remembering how wonderful it is here (and below 96th Street!) during the first few days of spring. We k-velled like k-razy when we spotted this yellow flower and sign poking out of an open window on 108th and Riverside.

Photo by ECS

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  1. bwog  

    are you joking with this? what is wrong wiht you this year?!

  2. Anonymous

    Anybody else remember last spring break? I stayed at home in Jersey and was wearing my heavy winter coat the whole time.

  3. you  

    shutap. Bwog is cool. asshole

  4. Harmony Hunter

    108th and riverside sounds like it migh be close to harmony so I'll have to see for myself when i go there tomorrow to investigate

  5. Carmen  

    I agree - but this is getting desperate.

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