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BSchool professor Adam Dell is Padma’s babydaddy.

At long last: beekeeping is legal in New York. GS student Sam Elchert is relieved.

More on GS and the G.I Bill: GS student John McClelland talks to the BBC about his time as an Army medic.

Generally Big Deal Person and History Professor David Eisenbach is writing a book with Larry Flynt called One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents and First Ladies Shaped America. Sounds just like his old History Channel special, “Beltway Unbuckled” (no joke).

Remember the girl who conned Columbia? Now she’s a movie.

Madonna Constantine lost the first of her three lawsuits against Teacher’s College.

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  1. dear bwog

    the link about adam dell has a virus. and i only clicked it to see if you guys really did steal news that old from ivygate. ivygate is slow. being slower than ivygate is just too slow. but seriously it's spyware and annoying.

  2. Adam  

    he's right, take that down and check your material before posting it. Spectrum never does this type ofstuff

  3. Girl Who Conned Columbia?

    Ha! The "Girl Who Conned Columbia" was a GS student, of course.

    • Anonymous  

      While I'm in CC, I think it's Columbia that looks silly (i.e. for being tricked) in this situation, not the GS student. Morality aside, if anything, it shows her ingenuity.

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