Cart Chronicles: Hooda’s Flashy New Digs

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Looks like Hooda (halal cart on 115th and Broadway) got its ride pimped! Check out their cart after a recent facelift:

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  1. this  

    cart puts my vegetarianism every day as I walk to or from Schapiro. . . you know the delicious smell is not coming from the Falafel.

  2. this  

    puts my vegetarinism into question every day, I mean.

  3. Anonymous  

    hmmm...I don't see the picture...

  4. CC '09

    I used to go eat from him once a week when I lived in Riverside. Whenever I wore make-up, he gave me free fries or a free falafel. When I didn't, he just gave me a smile.

  5. wow  

    way to work it, honey.

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