Get Non-Kosher with Hillel!

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It’s true! In preparation for Passover Hillel is hosting a BYOC (C for chametz) study break. There will be ice cream. 8-9, 2nd floor of Hillel.

Also in other news, the full schedule for College Days has been announced, meaning a whole weekend of costless treats for you die-hard free foodians.

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  1. what

    is non-kosher about this study break?

    • gentile therefore not an expert

      ice cream is dairy, and part of the kosher laws call for the separation of meat and dairy. (if you had meat at dinner, it would not be kosher to have ice cream for dessert)

      feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

      • well

        The deal is that Hillel is telling students to bring food that will be unkosher during the week of Passover - bread, cookies, etc. - to get rid of them (and, I might suspect, to collectively eat these items).

  2. hmmm  

    Are goyum welcomed at Jewish study breaks?

  3. Anonymous  

    they meant to say non "kosher for passover"

  4. Hillel  

    Of course, everyone is welcome at Hillel!

  5. Disappointed...  

    I thought that it was an actual non-Kosher study break. There are so few options for those of us on strictly Trayf diets...

  6. BC Transfer student  

    What are College Days?

  7. there are 4  

    there are 4, maybe 5 people on campus who would type that. i'm one of them. i love knowing things like that.

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