The First Family Is Among Us

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Michelle, post-meal

Rumor has it that while Barry was doing this, Michelle, the kids and First Grandmother Marian Robinson lunched at Dinosaur BBQ this afternoon. The Obamas-sans-POTUS are in town this week, catching Broadway shows and apparently sizing up Manhattanville.

Do you realize that means 3/4 of the Obama family breathed the same air as you today? Just think about that. We’re speculating about what they ordered; ideas in the comments are encouraged.

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  1. Obviously  

    They ordered grilled/ fried chicken... watermelon.

  2. what do you think  

    What do you eat at Dinosaur bbq? Fried chicken wings.

  3. Anonymous

    Great I breathed the same air as the family of the president who signed a bill that the majority of Americans don't want and won't actually fix anything except hurt those who already have care

  4. Yeah  

    Because health care reform is the same as Civil Rights. Also things that are the same: anyone who disagrees with me and Apartheid. But God Forbid the Republicans call someone a socialist, and I might cry.

    People like you, Inquisitive, make the Left look bad. Up yours from the rest of us.

    • Well,  

      I am not sure how bad that makes the left look, but I would consider how similar our situation today looks like the insanity of the Goldwater/LBJ election. Crowds rallying around a highly unpopular leader (Barry Goldwater/Sarah Palin) shouting about how America was becoming a (communist/socialist) country. Both groups shouted things like "We the people elected you" and "Don't Tread on Me". Certain "conservative intellectuals" were stirring up the crowds by using coded terms like "state's rights".

      It may offend some on campus, but there's little doubt that the heros of modern day conservatives William F Buckley, Goldwater, and yes Reagan were fiercely fighting against the poor and elderly having healthcare and were livid at the thought of segregated lunches and schools. Conservatives are racist? Nah....

  5. Thank you...

    "Because health care reform is the same as Civil Rights. Also things that are the same: anyone who disagrees with me and Apartheid. But God Forbid the Republicans call someone a socialist, and I might cry.

    People like you, Inquisitive, make the Left look bad. Up yours from the rest of us."

    Glad to know they're 2 other people at this school who are still sane...It's sad the only liberal defense for supporting this atrocity of a bill is to call those who don't support it racist

    Maybe those who don't believe in it actually realize that it's not constitutional to force people to buy insurance, won't fix anything, drive the premiums of those who already have insurance up, and actually cost this country billions upon billions of dollars in the end

    • Your definition of sanity is questionable  

      You absolutely right! The individual is NOT constitutional. This country has become tyrannical! Soon they'll tell us that we have to own auto insurance, or they'll start ordering private businesses to pay a minimum wage or install ramps for the disabled as stated in Americans With Disabilities Act. We're on the road to serfdom!!!

      Too bad Massachusetts has had an individual mandate since 2004 and it's been challenged so many times in the Supreme Court. Oh the humanity....

      • Massachusetts Resident  

        Masshealth is bankrupting the state of Massachusetts...

        • Anonymous  

          Great argument for national reform. And for pointing out the dirty secret about this whole discussion, that is, what Obama passed should really be called RomneyCare. It's pretty much the same thing Massachusetts passed five years ago.

      • um...  

        The auto/health insurance is an invidious comparison.

        One doesn't need to own/lease/drive a car to live as a citizen of the United States. If one doesn't want to pay auto insurance, one doesn't have to have a car.

        What is the option for those who don't want to buy health insurance? Not breathing?

        But then again, reason doesn't matter to those who are ideologically driven and don't understand the Constitution.

  6. ??  

    I am an Obama supporter but this sycophantic glorification of all things Obama is nauseating. I do not care what he eats or wears, (Michelle a little more so because historically 1st lady wardrobes have been interesting for national patterns), the grandmother I could not care less about. That they are in NY is newsworthy, anything else is not. If Bwog has something significant to add--as in some national matter Obama will be addressing while here--then great. But otherwise, there is something that rings horribly false about all this unwarranted obsession. He is our president, we should be interested, and I voted for him and support democratic policies, but that is it--there is no love story here in which I rip of my clothes and gyrate to Obama's to his People Magazine cover shot.

  7. Oh and to inquisitive

    I believe our country was founded on the principle that all men were created equal, but where in the Constitution/Bill of Rights does it say that the government must supply healthcare for all of its citizens?

    • ummm  

      do you know how many times other countries have edited a new draft of a constitutions. We're the only fucken ones in the first world that is still holding on to old ways...we need to move beyond!!

  8. mess  

    The Democrats are toast this November... it isn't right force a bill through, especially one so costly

  9. wow  

    ^^ it says that nowhere in the constitution. Thats why its being enacted as a law, like everything else that needs to be done and isn't in the constitution, jackass.

    We should provide healthcare to all our citizens because it is the morally right thing to do, just as we have done countless things that were not done by the founding fathers, because they are the morally right things to do.

  10. I find it

    hilarious that so many people at this school support this bill when they have hard-working parents who already have insurance and work hard to scrap together the money to send their kids here

    What they don't realize is that healthcare costs maybe "high" now, but once Obama care's taxes on insurers kick in, premiums for those who are already have insurance will skyrocket, and those tax breaks to middle class Americans won't help offset this cost

    • wow  

      the fact that you put "high" in quotes shows that you are completely disconnected from reality. And the attitude of "i've got mine, so fuck off" to people without health insurance, who are literally left to die with no recourse, is goddamn sickening.

    • Except that  

      I'm on financial aid and one of my parents was laid off in the 2001 recession. They're lucky enough to have insurance as a result of his severance package. Now, if it weren't for the family insurance being extended until 26, finding health insurance would be much harder for me. I was diagnosed at age 18 of a chronic health condition. It's not genetic and it's onset was not related to my heath. Basically, the doctors told me I'm shit out of luck.

      So, health insurance reform can be a good thing. But then again, if you're callous, you're callous. And if you don't want to care about your neighbor, you won't.

    • ummm  

      Yes, we have hard working parents but they don't necessarily have insurance
      Yes, they work hard to scrap together to send me here but without government funded grants, it would not be possible

      I think we should do the CU:ASSASSINS thing but with republicans and democrats at this school. The democrats would totally win!

  11. wow  

    Yes, the bill was "forced" through with a majority vote, after more than 14 months of debate in which countless attempts were made to cooperate with republicans, after legislation was watered down due to their concerned, fulfilling a campaign promise that was a major section of the platform of the party that Americans voted into power in two wave elections. And its just SO costly, reducing the deficit by over a hundred billion dollars over ten years.

    You're a real genius there, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Unfortunately I don't have cable to I cant watch fox news.

    (god i can see already that i'm gonna be in this thread all night. why bwog, why hand me such a golden opportunity to procrastinate on my history paper?!)

  12. haha mr.

    to the poster above me who thinks that the Democrats played nice, please consider the following example of someone from your own party that proves that a little forcing took place

    Luckily this man had the guts to stand up for himself and not be subjected to Nancy Pelosi's tyranny:

    • politics intro  

      Politics as it should be: If you cross the party line, you should not be funded by party funds. Democrats would do well to impose party discipline like the Republicans (the latter's positions excluded). This is how well-governed nations work, they use a three-line whip. I welcome the Democrats to start acting like a political identity instead of a country club without consequences...


  13. wow  

    I never said Democrats "played nice," I said that they didn't force a bill through. They passed it with a majority vote, after running on it and getting elected. Thats democracy.

    Arm twisting is how legislation is passed. If you think that is tyranny you obviously have no understanding of how a representative democracy functions.

  14. how are  

    republicans dominated a blog comments at columbia. COLUMBIA. KING BARACK OBAMA (my king, anyway. at least as of this week)'S ALMA MATER. I didn't know we even allowed conservatives to stay here.

  15. haha you

    just demonstrated pure liberal ignorance:
    "republicans dominated a blog comments at columbia. COLUMBIA. KING BARACK OBAMA (my king, anyway. at least as of this week)’S ALMA MATER. I didn’t know we even allowed conservatives to stay here."

    First of all, you can't even put together a coherent sentence, and second it should be czar obama, not king...

    And enjoy your last couple months of claiming how great Obama and the Democrats are...because come November the GOP is taking back the Senate, House and in a few years, the presidency

    Then we'll see who is talking

  16. Blasphemy!

    Obama is not my king! Andy is my king.

  17. wtf  

    since when are republicans at this school allowed to speak?

    And all these tax issues are only an issue in America. In most countries in Europe the taxes are really high and yes, citizens complain but you know what? You fucken walk into an emergency room in Spain and they ask you about your condition, not what health insurance plan you have. Who cares if you are taxed if your government is actually taking care of you? If you have all the basic needs being taken care of?

  18. you guysss  

    i thought we were all gonna guess what they ate at dinosaur bbq!!! i think one of them probably had a bbq sandwich

    • Anonymous  

      I'm guessing fried chicken and collard greens for the brats (if they didn't want suggestive racism, they wouldn't have eaten at Dinosaur), and something high protein to keep Michelle's guns in top shape.

  19. Anonymous


  20. When

    the fuck did this become a debate board? Assholes have to go and ruin a bwog post with political bickering. Both left and right look like idiots on here.

    On topic: Meh, never have had Dino BBQ before

  21. Anonymous  

    I don't understand why people here are so wrapped up about health care when we should really be talking about what's obviously most important: what was Michelle Obama wearing? Did she keep it casual in J. Crew since it was a family outing or go for something more high-end? Was she wearing her Jimmy Choos?

    Priorities, people.

  22. jjt  

    I'm glad at least now we'll be spending billions of tax money on healthcare for america, rather than on tanks, guns, fighter jets, and development funds for Israel.

  23. haha  

    "I’m glad at least now we’ll be spending billions of tax money on healthcare for america, rather than on tanks, guns, fighter jets, and development funds for Israel"

    You are very naive to assume that if we didn't spend so much money on defense other nations would just waltz in and take keep thinking that we should completely cut our defense budget

  24. ummm  

    do you really think America is that incapable without spending this much on our defense? Do you really not have that much faith in your own country?

  25. Remember children,  

    that under law no hospital may refuse treatment to a patient with a life-threatening condition. Furthermore, if that person can prove he/she cannot pay, such as being a child, elderly, or of extreme poverty that person may be exempt from payment.

    The moral (pun intended) of the story.... Stay the fuck out of the hospital if your condition isn't serious. People aren't dying in the streets because they don't have health care... they just have to put up with a cold for a few days instead of blocking treatment for those who pay (now not just for themselves but for others). With Grand Majesty Obama's new legislature, I'm going to be the one sticking out my illness to avoid the hassle it's going to take me to get to the doctor.

    Health care reform is not the 'morally right' thing to do. We already have a moral system - you're dying, we held you - taxpayers cover it. To have the ability to have anything checked out under your private plan, which you pay for, with your money, that you work for -> that is a luxury, a priveledge. And now I'm not going to be able to get my weekly ball-groping physical because someone is going to bitch about their shoulder pain from jerking off to fantasies of Michelle Obama scarfing down some Dinosaur BBQ in her Vera Wang dress. Pisses me off.

  26. haha

    "Remember children" is my hero....AMEN!

  27. seconded  

    Great comment re "Remember children"

  28. to back up remember children

    "Last year, the American Academy of Family Physicians predicted a shortfall of 40,000 primary care doctors, and that was before the signing of the health care bill. That will put another 32 million people into the system -- with a promise of free preventive care -- and insurance to pay for regular doctor visits. Some physicians have expressed concern about this. Patients could see increased wait times, as in Massachusetts, where since "RomneyCare" went into effect, residents wait an 10 extra days to see the doctor. But others say the bill will help create more community health centers, so primary care can happen at these centers instead of expensive emergency rooms"

  29. Anonymous

    This debate is so nerve-wracking. There's got to be a way to talk about this without assailing people personally, or launching into diatribes about the inherent faults of the opposite party. Why can't we talk about the actual bill?

    Things I like about the health-care insurance reform bill:
    -No lifetime maximums (some of the middle tier plans available to full-time employees at Target and Home Depot have lifetime maximums of $50,000. To put this in perspective, a single month of dialysis can cost about $50,000-$60,000.)
    -Coverage extended to age 26 for children of the insured
    -insurance companies cannot deny coverage to children with preexisting conditions
    -insurance can't deny coverage to someone once they fall ill
    -no premiums for preventive care and check-ups
    -calorie listings at chain restaurants

    Things I don't like:
    -no federal funding of voluntary abortions
    -no public option as yet

    Things I'm not happy about, but whatevah
    -tax on tanning. Tanning is sometimes recommended to treat S.A.D. and skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Though I tan for medical reasons, I do understand that loads of people use it for cosmetic purposes, and that making tanning more expensive can curb its use, and potentially curb skin cancer.

    The bill is passed, and now is the time to look forward. For some of us that means "looking toward November," and for others of us (like myself), that means looking for the second step in this complicated process.

  30. Only:  

    Big Ass Pork Plate

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