It’s Official: More WiFi

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Earlier in the week, we posted a not-yet-finalized plan to increase the number of dorms with wireless internet starting in the fall. Now it’s official. Never again shall you trip over a stray ethernet cable in the middle of the night, and never again will you become frustrated when you realize you threw out last year’s ethernet cable–provided, of course, you live in one of the following dorms. Here’s CCSC President Sue Yang’s email:

Hi Team Bwog!

Here’s the finalized list of WIFI-equipped Res Halls for this fall and onwards :)

1. Watt

2. Hogan

3. McBain

4. River

5. Wien

6. Ruggles

7. Woodbridge

8. 600 W. 113th Street (Nussbaum)

9. & Broadway (already has)

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Doesn't McBain already have Wifi? I'm confused

  2. Anonymous

    how fast is the wifi? will we still have the ethernet outlets?

    I would rather have my nice router. Sharing bandwidth with other people is no fun.

  3. Hooah

    Claremont's wind tunnels are roaring with rage!

  4. Boo:  

    I wanted Claremont to have it. =(

  5. Anonymous  

    what's with the big ass satellites on 114th?

  6. Schapiro  

    What about Schapiro????

  7. oh no!  

    This will seriously damage my shared itunes experience. Is no one concerned!?

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