Reported Suicide At 116th Street 1 Station

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The entire west side of 116th and Broadway is filled with fire trucks and emergency services vehicles: someone was hit by a train at the 116th 1 stop minutes ago. One police officer Bwog asked reported simply that someone was hit, and could not tell us whether the person survived or not. Another police officer, however, informed a tipster that it was a suicide, and someone jumped in front of an oncoming train. Check back for updates.

Update, 11:27am: Another police officer confirms the suicide.

Update, 11:40am: A list of service disruptions can be found on the MTA website. The 116th station is closed.

Update, 11:48am: A few of the fire trucks have cleared away, but a police officer informs us that the investigation could take a while. Bwog saw a few NYPD investigators flashing their badges to get down into the station.

Update, 12:13pm: A police officer Sources informed Spec that it was an “older man,” either an “older” or “fairly young” male, but no word yet if he was Columbia-affiliated or not.

Update, 1:25pm: According to his ID, the victim was born in 1991, but was not a Columbia student. All police officers and emergency services vehicles have cleared 116th Street.

Update, 3:57pm: The MTA reports regular resumed service on the 1 line; Spec has compiled a list of psychological services resources.

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  1. ALERT

    Yikes. Any idea what side of the station (uptown/downtown) it happened on?

  2. JJ5  

    Argh. Train service is suspended from 137 to 96 Sts.

  3. Do some research


    If you had read the post by bwog in the headlines section you would have seen that trains are running express from 137 to 96, so it means that the Downtown side is affected.

    Also you could have gone to the MTA's website before making such a wasteful post

  4. remember  

    suicide is NOT the answer.

    even if things are terrible right now, everything will get better.

  5. Anonymous  

    agreed. things can get better.

  6. Anonymous

    It wasn't a student, was it?

  7. UHM...

    - Not everybody reads the rest of bwog when the first thing on the top of the page is OMG DEATH ON THE TRACKS
    - And southbound trains were running express from 137th? *While* there was a body on the tracks? That doesn’t make sense. (Then again, it is the MTA.)

    USE SOME COMMON SENSE...THERE's a track in the middle that they run on....DUHHHHHH

    Come on we go to Columbia but can't even use our heads to realize how the trains can continue running

    • Anonymous  

      "If you look out the right side windows, you will see a mangled body on the tracks. Don't worry, NYPD's finest are right there on the platform, taking care of things and comforting shell shocked witnesses. As soon was we go slowly past 116 towards 96th, the MTA will turn off power to the tracks so they can go down and clean up."

  8. ALERT

    Thank you. I hadn't checked anywhere else (sue me if it makes you feel better) at the moment.

    Ugh, what a way to go...I'm still reeling over the incident over at the E. 77th St. station a month or so ago...

  9. Resources  

    On campus:
    Nightline: 212-854-7777
    Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center: 212-854-HELP
    Counseling Services: 212-854-2878

  10. :(

    suicides always make me so upset to hear about, especially considering how close I've come to trying. my thoughts are with his family.

  11. y are there

    so many depressed people on this board?

  12. sad  

    This is horrible. Life is so precious, think it through.

    • ?  

      maybe they did think it through and this was their decision.

    • depression sufferer

      the problem is never a lack of thought; you do think you're thinking it through. and you do think very carefully and thoroughly. the problem is that your judgment is clouded... people would be surprised how completely and viciously depression ransacks your brain. it's like a computer virus of sorts. yes, a person thinking rationally will likely figure out that life will likely get better etc, etc, but in the throes of depression, this thought is almost physically blocked from your head. of course there are better solutions to your problems, but once you get to a certain point, only one seems valid.

      so my brief PSA: all those suffering from depression should seek treatment. it can be almost impossible to shake off the beast on your own, as it often grows even fiercer with time. but with help you can banish it from your brain. trust me, it's worth it.

  13. Remember  

    Appearance with regard to age is no indication of whether the person was a student -- there are a lot of "older" people who are students here too.

  14. Anonymous

    there are no trains at 137... or at least there weren't when i was there an hour ago. yay for being a half hour late for work.

  15. student?  

    The Spec is now reporting that it could have possibly been a student, one person said it was an older man but two have said that he looked 'fairly young.'

    no word on whether this person, student or not, was affiliated with Columbia.

    On another note, my thoughts go out to whoever this man was, to his family and to his friends. what a sad way to end it. also, to the people who witnessed this, how traumatizing that must have been.

  16. Of the people that witnessed it...  

    ...the one who probably is most traumatized is the conductor. I almost wish BWOG wouldn't post these things, or at least I would never find out about them.

  17. Anonymous  

    lottery day makes everyone depressed...

  18. Sigh....  

    ....I expected better than a 1200 something.

    *sigh* indeed

  19. born in 1991  

    he was so young :( :( i feel so sorry for him and his family.

  20. honestly  

    i care more about my horrible lottery # than this...

  21. if you need help....

    please seek out the following resources:
    Columbia Counseling Center (CPS): 212-854-2878
    Barnard Counseling Center (Furman): 212-854-2092
    Nightline (every night 10 pm – 3 am) 212-854-7777
    National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK

  22. not to be insensitive,  

    but i'm confused. is the station still closed? because i have a seder in midtown to get to...

    back to being sensitive:
    members of my family are clinically depressed. when my little brother expressed suicidal thoughts last year, it was one of the scariest times in my life. i was so afraid for him. suicide is never the answer. get help, talk to a friend or family member, or call one of the numbers the thoughtful people above have posted.

  23. FYI  

    1010wins traffic claims that normal service has resumed at 116

  24. thank goodness  

    for subway service finally resuming!

  25. Anonymous  

    This is terrible. I wish people would have some more sympathy and realize how horrible life must have seemed to him. Things like this make me realize how fortunate I am to not feel so helpless and hopeless.

  26. Anonymous

    Life is pain. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

  27. Anonymous

    Why disrupt subway service any more than it already is? Anyone who wants to commit suicide can simply walk north a few blocks during the night, and their problem will be taken care of by the residents.

  28. Brando

    The train conductor should seek counseling. This must be devastating for the driver. There was nothing he/she could really do to stop it.

  29. Alice  

    To all the sadistic, bigoted, selfish responders, I can only say you probably need help, too. I am sure someone will think of something mean-spirited to respond to this post with, and if that's what gets you through the day, fine. But you can be better than this.

  30. Maybe  

    if his Econometrics teacher didn't assign him a 12 hour long problem set, things would not have seemed as bleak.

    Oh wait, I'm talking about myself.

  31. ugh  

    People, when someone commits suicide, I promise you they probably aren't thinking it's the "easy way out" - and telling someone who's suicidal that they're just being weak in contemplating it? WHOO BOY. Good job there. That'll REALLY help.

  32. Bob

    Alice, I fail to see any sadism or bigotry in any of the posts. Self-righteousness, maybe, but that's to be expected. That category includes you, too, needless to say.

  33. Owned!!!!1

    "Alice, I fail to see any sadism or bigotry in any of the posts. Self-righteousness, maybe, but that’s to be expected. That category includes you, too, needless to say."

    Someone's gotta tell these trolls to shut it

  34. Billygoat

    Please do not tease or feed the trolls.

  35. very sorry  

    for the extraordinary pain that this young man must have been feeling that drove him to do this - and for the extraordinary pain for his family and friends that is probably just beginning right now.

    as has been expressed several times on this board, you are not alone - others have suffered and are suffering with depression, and fighting to live the next day, because (among other things) pain is temporary and death is very permanent. whether it's our troubled world, a failed romance, school, family, money ... or whatever else ... recognize that a) you're not crazy - lots and lots of people have felt the extraordinary pain that you feel but b) you're also not healthy. lots of those same people have truly benefited from speaking to a therapist and have healed and gone on to lead wonderful lives. don't short change yourself of that chance

    as an aside, no sense in getting angry at the calloused commenters - they clearly have no idea what it is they're talking about. and they are lucky for that naivety

  36. If you  

    really need help, then do not bother with columbia counseling, find real professional off campus.

  37. sad

    the boy was 18 years old. please pray for the family.

  38. p

    i knew the kid=((((this is devastating

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