Deus Ex Machina: Housing Lottery Edition

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The Greek gods just emailed Bwog to inform us that they created a Housing Calculator that allows you to see the number of groups with the same point value/group size ahead of you in Suite Selection. So, uh, that saves hours of printing, highlighting, stressing and planning. We’ve linked to it in the Top Box so you can keep calculating all day. You’re welcome!

Update: It worked for us, but hasn’t worked for others. Proceed with caution.

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  1. ahhhh  

    it doesn't work D: D: D:

    ... back to printing, highlighting, stressing and planning :(

    • it doesnt work for juniors and sophmores  

      because it only goes by lotto number. it wont list a senior with a higher number than me even though the senior still has priority over me. You can fix this by doing multiple searches and some basic math

  2. stressss  

    not entirely accurate. it misses some, it seems. :(

  3. meh  

    It's really inaccurate and counted groups of 7 and 8 when I asked for 6 :(

  4. Anonymous  

    It looks like it goes by point value, which really isn't useful at all since that only tells you how many groups within your point value will pick before you, rather than all groups of your size. Which is just silly.

  5. is this true?  

    i calculated groups ahead of mine by hand and got 73, but bwog's calc says 29...questioning my faith in bwog's unyielding factual accuracy.

  6. worked  

    worked for me. but then, with a point value of 30, it would?

  7. good thing...  

    ...i heard about this after i counted. but at least i know i was right!

  8. Anonymous  

    Ha-ha, my friends made a better one. It actually takes suite vs. general selection into account.

    But yeah, I heard about this after I counted too. Grrr...

  9. Why the hell  

    Did I do this by hand, then?

    At least I can confirm that the calculator was correct in my case...

  10. creator  

    Should be fixed for underclassmen

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