SGA Roundup: Library issues

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Bwog’s brand new SGA correspondent Caitlin Lynch reports from last night’s proceedings

The main topic of discussion for the evening was the possible renovation of the Barnard Library, which could start as early as this summer. Dean Lisa Norberg, Dean of Libraries, led the discussion. As she was not involved in the structuring of this year’s budget, her changes will not be taking place this semester. Topics addressed include:

  • 24 hour study space: The Library will be open for 24 hours during Reading Week and Finals. There is no chance of extending regular library hours this semester. However this is a priority for budgeting and scheduling next year.
  • Consistency throughout libraries: Dean Norberg expressed an interest in creating more consistency in Barnard and Columbia library policies, particularly regarding circulation times, and technology to provide access to archives.
  • Second floor study space: Historically a commuter college, many students in the past did not use to stay in the library past 5pm. Obviously this is no longer the case and thus improvements to heating, lighting and noise levels on the second floor are a priority. There is a possibility of moving the circulation desk down to the first floor, likely to be completely renovated over the summer.
  • Other things: Norberg hopes to rearrange the stacks, has brought in one new printer and has several scanners on order. The purchase of several laptops to be kept behind the desk for loan is under consideration.

Topics addressed for the remainder of the meeting included a review of clubs and societies: approval of the new Society of Asian American Sisters, a discussion-based group on campus for the Asian American population on campus; Columbia Women’s Business Society and Women’s International Business Councel seek dual recognition by SGA; the SGA now recognizes the CU History of Science in Society. Also, the color of this year’s SGA election pamphlets (pink, green, and blue) was approved with a reverent gasp and appreciating “wow”s.

SGA wishes to remind Barnard students that they’re all technically SGA members. Concerned constituents can drop by meetings. 

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  1. huh?

    the circulation desk is already on the first floor...

  2. clearly

    another reason Columbia is far more superior than Barnard

  3. BC  

    Cool, I like this coverage, Bwog.

  4. Alum

    "the SGA now recognizes the CU History of Science in Society."

    Is that supposed to be "the CU History of Science Society" or "the CU History of Science in Society Society"

  5. meh

    library renovation? meh. whatever. Barnard: you are CLEARLY in big debt right now. spend yo monies on something better. the library is not in bad enough shape for it to NEED urgent action.

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