Free Food: Indian and Toast, but Probably Not Indian Toast

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Photo via Wikipedia, though AAA's version will probably be more fun.

Two rather different entries in the free food log tonight:

First, the Columbia University International Relations Forum will be serving a free Indian buffet in advance of a screening of The Sky Below, an award-winning documentary on Pakistan and India. Singh will be in attendance, and a conversation will follow the screening. That’s all happening at 8:00pm in Roone Arledge Auditorium–Facebook event here.

Then, at 9:00pm on the Lerner ramps, the Asian American Alliance is holding what they’re calling a Milk and Toast Study Break–you can “enjoy delicious toasts with sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter and a variety of fruit jams!!!”


Details here.

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  1. Hillary  

    The ultimate Jewish conundrum: do I eat the free toast during Passover?

  2. CUIRF

    why does this organization even exist, I mean I know they get funding from SGB, but have they done anything, I mean anything this entire year? Seems sad to give an organization money to host 1-2 events over the course of a year when there is such a shortage for other organizations (from arts groups to other activisty groups) that really need it.

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