The Class of 2014 is in That Truck

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The Office of Undergraduate Admissions sends out letters informing the 23,195 potential members of the Class of 2014 of their fates. That number, in addition to early decision applicants, brings this year’s total to 26,178: 21,747 of them applied to the College and 4,431 to SEAS. Best of luck, friends!

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  1. Cliff  

    woooo! Welcome 2014! (ps first)

  2. jefffp

    i wonder what made them switch from FedEx to UPS. CONSPIRACY

  3. who cares  

    about the packaging?

    Honestly only over achieving too detail striven Columbia students

  4. ...  

    they will soon learn that columbia is like unprotected sex, thrilled you got in but sorry you came...

  5. Anonymous

    i love the men in the little brown truck
    \what can Brown do for you\

  6. anonymous  

    I always wonder, do the people who work in admissions really know what the hell is going on with what they're doing. Have they gone through any sort of ivy league admissions process? Or even college?

    It just seems a bit unfair.

    And that's life!

  7. Anonymous  

    they switch the mail service every year because in the past students have tried to call dhl/fedex before receiving their decisions to see if they had any packages heading their way, so this would deter students from trying this method

  8. 2014er!!!  

    I GOT IN!!! does anyone here know the band animal collective?

  9. ED Admit

    We just got an envelope..they get boxes?

  10. 2014ers  

    CONGRATS on getting it!!!

    Get ready for the most amazing 4 years of your life!!!

  11. dear 2014ers,  

    be excited for this moment. it will be the happiest moment you have in connection to columbia. there'll be other good ones, but nothing like this one.

  12. 09alum

    Agreed dear 2014ers. I hope the one person I interviewed (out of 10) and recommended got in!

  13. to be fair

    columbia does not suck (all the time)...we just like to complain

  14. ED

    If I was an ED accepted student and received a bunch of online materials and some individually mailed letters should I expect something in the mail?

  15. It's not that  

    Columbia sucks, it's just that people here aren't happy.

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