In an email just sent out to students, Dean Dorothy Denburg and BC Chief Operating Officer Gregory Brown laid out Barnard’s meal plan for the 2010-2011 school year. Most importantly, all students living on the Quad will have to “partake [in] a new plan at a lower cost and with fewer meals than had been required in the past,” and other students must enroll in one of three $300/semester meal plans. First years will still have to enroll in the unlimited meal plan.

Additionally, the new plan now takes into account people with allergies and offers alternative plans for those with “severe” cases; however, it still doesn’t consider commuters, who are even directly referenced by the email in the first paragraph as a consulted group.

Denbrown says that the decision was based upon Barnard’s “financial picture” as well as student input (“serious discussions” — hurray committees!) More info, including a breakdown of actual cost to students, can be found on Barnard Dining’s official site.

Read Denburg/Brown’s full email after the jump.

Dear Students,

We hope you had an enjoyable Spring Break.  In the weeks leading up to the
Break, we worked with a group of students to finalize a meal plan program
that best meets the needs of all members of our community.  The working
group was comprised of students representing commuters, those with food
allergies, Kosher diners, and a cross-section of residents from various
residence halls.

During the meetings, VP Brown laid out the financial picture and students
expressed their thoughts on improving the structure of the meal plan.  This
process paved the way for the lively, in-depth, and serious discussions that
led to the creation of a new meal plan design for 2010-11.

We want to thank all of the students involved for their candor, insight and
most significantly, for the innovative ideas that informed our discussions
and gave shape to the new plans.  We are pleased to announce that we have a
meal plan structure shaped by the priority paramount to this discussion,
namely, increasing choices for all members of our diverse community.

For the 2010-11 academic year, the College will continue to require all
incoming first year students to participate in the unlimited meal plan.  All
other students in the Quad will partake of a new plan at a lower cost and
with fewer meals than had been required in the past.  All other full-time
students will be enrolled in their choice of one of three meal plan options
at a price of $300 per semester.  Students are also free to upgrade to any
of the other meal plan choices.  All of the plans will have a Kosher option
at a slightly higher cost.

Points within the plans will be provided at a discounted rate.  For example,
315 points for food, beverage or convenience items will cost $300.  Also,
throughout the year, students will be able to supplement their plans by
purchasing additional meals or points.

The full details of the 2010-11 meal plans can be found at the Barnard
Dining Services website

In response to student comments, Barnard Dining Services will also step up
efforts to label food more accurately and better serve students with food
allergies.  In addition, those with severe food allergies will have the
opportunity to request a modified meal plan.

We continue to seek student input about the hours of operation of the dining
spaces in the Diana Center, the offering of convenience items, and other
issues pertaining to food choices on the Barnard campus.  In order to
facilitate these conversations, the newly-formed SGA Food Advisory Board,
led by students, is in formation.  Please feel free to send your ideas to
the Board and/or to us.  Lets continue to keep the lines of communications

Thank you!

Dorothy Denburg
Dean of the College

Gregory Brown
Chief Operating Officer