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Low Plaza Temporarily Home To The Israeli Apartheid Wall

Little darling, the snow is melting, lalala, dododo. February is over, the sun is shining, and it’s March 1: Day 1 of Israeli Apartheid Week 2010! Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine have constructed an Israeli Apartheid Wall on Low Plaza. SJP members are assembled around the wall handing out literature and answering questions. The Wall on Low is intended as a mini version of the Wall surrouding the West Bank. One member of the SJP, below, sketched graffiti from the Wall in Israel.

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  • hey says:

    @hey Don’t you know without that wall is keeping food and economic opportunity out of that crowded hellhole called College Walk, thereby keeping Low Library–which is for chosen students–safe? Good thing the non-chosen students were kicked out of their homes in Low Library. Now let’s just fail to recognize any elected government that the College Walk kids want, and we should be completely safe from those dangerous people!

  • friends says:


    john legend solves everything

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous you are my hero

  • graffiti = says:

    @graffiti = banksy

  • oh god! says:

    @oh god! these people are soooo annoying. What a plea for attention…oh wait, this just in: Bollinger, moved to tears by the Low Wall, has just gotten the entire Middle East leadership to hold hands and sing Koombaya. Job well done prezbo. Good chap. And on his way back from the distant land, he cured cancer.

  • have an open mind! says:

    @have an open mind! stop judging without listening to what they have to say.
    ‘these people’ are bringing a much needed pro-palestinan’s human rights voice to this largely zionist campus.
    be grateful that you are in a place that can hopefully hold both camps in times of relative peace and chaos in palestine and israel.
    but then again, when is palestine without chaos?

  • tension says:

    @tension the competing fliers between the groups (israeli apartheid week and lionpac, though I’m just assuming the latter) was too tense. i half expected tanks to roll in and rocks to be thrown.

  • Jim says:

    @Jim How is this going to contribute to peace?

  • p.j. says:

    @p.j. At least the wall has enabled all citizens of Israel (Jewish, Arab/Moslem and Christian) to live without seeing their children blown up on buses, in restaurants, and in schools. For the most part.
    The Palestinians’ goal is no less than the destruction of Israel.
    Those who disagree with me are free to show me their facts.

    1. FACTS says:

      @FACTS FACT: Yo mama is fat

      FACT: Yo mama is so fat that if the Palestinians were to yell kool-aid, she’d break through the wall.

      FACT: Yo mama is so fat that she is the wall dividing Israel from Palestine.

      These are some facts.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Awesome.

      2. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Beyond awesome.

      3. J says:

        @J A real fact:

        Only 10% of this “wall” is an actual concrete wall, and this is surrounding populated Israeli cities like Jerusalem and next to a main Israeli highway that was being bombed often. This concrete wall has successfully halted deadly attacks in these populated areas.

        The other 90%, which is never photographed nor focused on, is a fence. Very different meanings and perceptions between the two. Finally, having researched this struggle, you’ll see that the Israelis have forced the Palestinians into this situation as much as the Jordanians and Egyptians have.

        This is not an issue of fault, but only once that issue is overcome can the situation be solved peacefully, something I think the majority on both sides want. But it is a small, albeit powerful and radical minority on both sides that hinder the peace process. While building the barrier might have been a backwards step in the peace process, its main goal is to prevent suicide bombers from entering Israel, which it has done effectively. Until there is no need to stop suicide bombers, there will not be peace.

        And International law also says you are allowed to defend yourself when being attacked (aka rockets being fired over a border or bombers entering your country), so even if the wall might not be “legal,” the other “legal” options for defense could be far worse with an army of Israel’s abilities.

        1. Wow J, you're like an international law scholar! says:

          @Wow J, you're like an international law scholar! “And International law also says you are allowed to defend yourself when being attacked (aka rockets being fired over a border or bombers entering your country), so even if the wall might not be “legal,” the other “legal” options for defense could be far worse with an army of Israel’s abilities.”

          Sure, the wall is certainly much less illegal than a denial of access to food, water, democratic rights, exclusive roadway and traveling privileges only given to the people who…well, you know, aren’t who-know-who…

          Certainly less illegal then international law which says you can do whatever the fuck you want if you’re being “provoked”. Hell, you could strike back with nukes, white phosphorous, waterboard their grandmothers, assassinate their teddybears,…all sorts of stuff that Israel restrains from doing (correction: no teddybear has been harmed yet).

          If I assumed you really meant what you said, I would be confused. Why cite international law when it obviously hasn’t supported Israeli actions the past decade? Why not argue that international law be damned, we will do what we want to do because we can? Perhaps my assumption is off

          1. well says:

            @well I’m just saying that if Mexico were firing rockets over the California border, America would do something. And it probably wouldn’t be “legal” according to all the definitions of international law mentioned here. And big surprise that International law is usually never on the side of the Israelis (and you’re inferring that every other country in the world abides by international law). You’re arguing that they should just give up and die. If no one is there to defend them, shouldn’t they be able to defend themselves with a proactive measure like a barrier rather than a retroactive measure like violence? Also, maybe you haven’t noticed that the world we live in is incredibly anti-semetic, and maybe there is a blind spot in anything dealing with Israel. I am not defending all of Israel’s actions, but the very basis of the state’s creation was to create a safe place in the world for the small Jewish population that still exists, and to establish a free country as well, and this is the motivation that usually is behind these measures. And the reality is that the country exists today and it isn’t going away, so we need to find a solution that works for the here and now and that will last into the future (of which I hope the barrier is not a part of), but for now, it is bringing increased levels of peace–check the US state department’s reviews of world terror, and you’ll find a direct credit to the barrier in reducing middle east terror levels.

            And I do feel for the Palestinians (By the way, there are many Jewish Palestinians, a term literally refering to anyone who lived in the land of Palestine before it became Israel, so this is not a pro-semetic thing), but I also feel for the many Israeli citizens who cannot live a normal day because they are constantly fearing for their lives.

          2. I understand now! says:

            @I understand now! “And big surprise that International law is usually never on the side of the Israelis (and you’re inferring that every other country in the world abides by international law). You’re arguing that they should just give up and die. If no one is there to defend them, shouldn’t they be able to defend themselves with a proactive measure like a barrier rather than a retroactive measure like violence? Also, maybe you haven’t noticed that the world we live in is incredibly anti-semetic, and maybe there is a blind spot in anything dealing with Israel.”

            The problem here is one of education. How fortunate you, as a student at this august university, have resources at hand to critically think about the statements you just made. There are lectures, books in libraries, and even a few computers here and there that work. I’m afraid you’re on your own after this episode.

  • Realist says:

    @Realist How else do you keep out suicide bombers? The number of suicide bombings have dropped since the wall, and the number caught has increased. Hamas is a terrorist organization so Palestine, sorry but you’re SOL.

    I really dislike how much crying goes on on Columbia’s campus. War is tough, and there are never any winners. That’s the way the cookie crumbles folks.

    1. Excuse me? says:

      @Excuse me? Are you seriously comparing the state and people of Palestine to Hamas? That’s just so offensive and disgusting, not to mention ignorant of you. Palestine does not equate the PLO, which, similarly is not the same as Hamas.

      Also, to that poster who has said Palestine’s purpose is destroying Israel: that is just not true! How can you, even on anonymous blog like Bwog, make such horrific statements? Just please, how?

      1. useless says:

        @useless waste of a comment crybaby. where is your counter argument? what is the goal of palistine?… pretty sure its to destroy israel… y did u even bring up PLO? that shits gone and was useless in its prime. Hamas and other groups have become palistine bc they can’t organize peacefully. i’ma go throw rocks at the wall as an ironic protest.

        1. I'm says:

          @I'm pretty sure that Palestine existed for a LONG time before Israel… and I’m pretty sure that they still had a “purpose” then…..

          1. huh? says:

            @huh? no it didn’t… why i purpose in quotes? you’re a dumbass.

  • All I'm saying is.. says:

    @All I'm saying is.. No matter if Israelis are right or wrong, if some family felt they had some ownership to a plot of my yard and decided to just be there, I wouldnt KILL THEM. this whole conflict is absurd. come on people, you’re killing children on both sides and sowing hatred in those who survive.

  • of course says:

    @of course Palestinians goal is to destruct Israel. They have no reason to be there

  • oh please. says:

    @oh please. they have no reason to be there?! HOW ABOUT THE FACT THAT IT IS THERE HOME!?
    and, pj, you would like facts about the gaza wall? how about that it’s existence violates international law? check out this article.
    it may be true that, in the short term, it is providing some security for israeli citizens however in the long term it will only serve to further infuriate palestinians and islamic extremists.. they will only get more desperate to get out of this space they’re being confined to by israel and soon by egypt as well.
    if that’s something that israel would like on their hands, this wall (that is, by the way, larger than the berlin wall) should help them out immensely!

    1. Um... says:

      @Um... I think “They have no reason to be there” refers to the Israelis. It seems like you might have misunderstood.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous this is another excellent article pertaining to your question.

  • Someone says:

    @Someone please explain to me why there is so much disagreement? The Palestinians already have a home–Jordan.

    1. ... says:

      @... just like african-americans had a nice home to go to in liberia during jim crow, right?

    2. I says:

      @I pray that you’re joking, but I realize that this is Columbia so I know you’re not.

  • Actually... says:

    @Actually... The wall/fence is made of cookies. And is delicious. I am so happy there is a delicious wall of cookies for Israelis and Palestinians to enjoy.

    Viva la Cookie Wall!

    1. YUmmmm says:

      @YUmmmm LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous to the last comment:
    -this is not a joke.
    to the second to last comment:
    -are you joking?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous To the person who posted this:

      I don’t think there’s any disagreement or otherwise bad thing that can’t benefit from a little levity.



  • what about the fact says:

    @what about the fact that we have bigger problems to worry about in our own the socialist dictatorship that has taken over our country in the last year?
    First the economy now healthcare?


      you tell em, glenn beck.
      bwog would be so boring if it werent for ignorant people like you

  • j2 says:

    @j2 shouldn’t there be israeli flags on the wall given that its an israeli wall?

  • @ADL Supporter Israeli Apartheid Week events demonize Israel. See for more info.

    1. .... says:

      @.... A discussion criticizes the Likkud Party and Israeli politics…yep, that demonizes Israeli. Somebody should tell Ha’aretz

      The ADL is shameless

  • L says:

    @L shouldn’t there be dead Israeli bodies on the other side of the wall? Oh wait a minute…SUCCESSFUL suicide bombings have plummeted to almost zero since the wall’s erection, with an average 55 attempted bombings prevented by security (and the wall)

  • sorry says:

    @sorry but more like, there should be impoverished and isolated Palestinians on one side of the wall and soldiers on the other. the only thing that wall is protecting is the investment interests of settlements sneaking further and further into West Bank territory, guaranteeing that Palestinian villages remain isolated from each other and economically unable to function (and probably also guaranteeing that many more disgruntled Palestinians turn towards a violent path, rather than a political one, in response).

    maybe it’s \protecting\ Israelis now, but what about in ten years when children raised in this hostile environment start getting old enough to fight? people who believe the walls are there to prevent suicide bombs are as naive as people who believe the patriot act was created to protect the rights and lives of american citizens.

    an example of the real kinds of people this wall is \fighting\ –

  • xyz says:

    @xyz Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the wall truly is present in order to protect the Israelis from suicide bombers; better yet, let’s say the wall is present in order to protect both sides from each other. Using this argument, the wall would make extreme sense. However, lets get back to the reality of the matter. The wall annexes a large amount of Palestinian land obviously in order to expand the Israeli settlements. Furthermore, the land that is annexed by this wall has allowed Israel to gain economic and agricultural control over the Palestinians effected by the wall. In addition, the Israelis are now controlling the natural resources (some resources as basic as water) of said Palestinians. Therefore, it can be seen that this wall has been erected in order to ensure that Palestinians are separated from the world and under the mercy of their occupier. In addition, this wall has been deemed unlawful by the international court due to its violations of international law. So, I ask, is the wall protecting the Israelis or, instead, made for the sake of expansion and the driving out of the Palestinian people from THEIR LAND?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It seems awfully convenient that only after over 800 Israeli civilian deaths and several thousand wounded would Israel feel the need to begin construction on the barrier. Why in 2003? Why at the height of the Second Intifada? Why not before? The Israeli economy has thrived for years (please see a list of its inventions and contributions to the world and technology you are currently using and are a part of). It does not need Palestinian land or resources to thrive. Again, cause and effect: The wall’s primary function is to keep terrorists out, and it has successfully done so. The consequences of such an extreme action for the other side are evident; there is no denying the Palestinians’ suffering. By the same token, do not belittle the suffering and paranoia of each Israeli, never knowing if their bus, their university cafeteria, or child’s favorite mall will be blown up.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The issue is not one of taking the resources of the Palestinians in order to stir the Israeli economy (that is, however, a plus). It is an issue of controlling the Palestinian people in order to ensure that they have no mobility. In doing so, they have the Palestinian people at their mercy and they are capable of getting their way. It is undeniable that Israel is an expansionist stat. The claim that Israel uses now is that it has taken settlers out of Gaza. That is convenient, however, when that occurred, settlements increased in the West Bank. Inherently then, we cannot deny that this wall, taking in Palestinian territories, serves this goal (it might serve other goals too, but I don’t think it serves any positive ones). So you ask why was this wall erected in 2003? Maybe because by 2003, the “Gaza expulsion plan” had been proposed and before it could be accepted, they had to find a home for these Israeli settlers. Therefore, a wall is built encompassing other Palestinian land and by 2004 the plan is accepted and enacted in 2005. The problem of settlers in Gaza is hence solved (at least to the biggest extent possible).

    2. Apartheid says:

      @Apartheid “do not belittle the suffering and paranoia of each Israeli, never knowing if their bus, their university cafeteria, or child’s favorite mall will be blown up.” – They deserve every little bit of paranoia for stealing the homeland of an entire people. How quickly the oppressed become the oppressors. It has nothing to do with religion or otherwise, the thief who has the chutzpah to steal my home and make me watch them live in it deserves to live in constant fear.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous as much as I’m against what the israel is and has been doing to palestine (stealing their land and resources, killing their people), I would love to see them get their own nation so they would finally stop abusing and leaching off other nations.. but the truth is even if Israel is ever fully established, they will never leave the rich developed nations where they have their strongholds

    religion.. what a b!tch it is

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Your response to the timing of the wall is baseless, perhaps why you contended, “maybe because…”The issue of controlling the Palestinian people is an unfortunate consequence of the wall, which again, was necessitated due to increasing levels of terror. People definitely deserve mobility, but terrorists could literally walk from Qalquilla to Kfar Saba with bombs strapped to themselves. Ambulances and women have been used multiple times to transport bombs and carry out attacks against civilians. These guerilla tactics make it awfully hard to decipher the threat from the innocent. And no, Israel is not an expansionist state. All of its wars have been undeniably defensive, with the exception of a pre-emptive strike, which by definition, was in response to aggression (Arab leaders themselves contend it was stupid on their part to instigate the 1967 War). The land gained by Israel has been strategic and given back when negotiated for properly and in each party’s best interest. Israel could have kept Sinai and its airfield, but returned it. Israel offered to give back Gaza, but Egypt refused to take it back (hmm…). Here, in the West Bank case, Israel lacks a tangible partner for peace andafter offering to give back 98% of the area, with an additional 2% carved out of Israel proper to compensate, the Palestinian leadership rejected. Israel, an expansionist state? Hardly. A country concerned with its security and very existence? Certainly.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous agreed

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Can I put up a gender apartheid burqa?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous fail.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous That’s the most outrageously offensive and ignorant comment so far, which is saying a lot.

      If all these are representative of our allegedly open-minded, analytical, and globally-aware student body, then maybe I’m at the wrong school.

      1. are you sure? says:

        @are you sure? I mean, there were some gobsmackingly ignorant comments made in the past 12 hours…a burqa joke pales in comparison

  • Right says:

    @Right Because the burqa is commonly wore in the West Bank and Gaza, right?

    And the religious and sartorial cultures of Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan are all similar?

    > rolls eyes <

  • shocked says:

    @shocked In all my time at Columbia, I have always felt that the student body was a cohesive, friendly community (with slight teasing of Barnard and SEAS students). After reading these posts, I have never felt so unwelcome and discriminated against in my life, let alone at a place where I call my home.

    1. keep in mind says:

      @keep in mind that a lot of posters aren’t current Columbia students. Many, many times will you see people saying “I’m glad I don’t go to Columbia” or “this would never happen back when I was at Columbia”. Sometimes you’ll even see “LOL U R LAME. Harvard/Yale/Brown/Princeton/NYU/some other school is so much better than you dumb Columbia people”. So don’t lose faith in the Columbia community because of some dumb posters.

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