What To Eat: We Tell You Edition

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Bwog does as Bwog pleases

Bwog is a chef. We are Jean-Georges. We are Wilma. We are Bwog. What is us? What is reality? Here is what you should eat from every dining hall on campus today. Do what we tell you to do or else we will stop using the imperative and/or stop using the Bwog-third-person all the time. Oh, and never forget (uh oh, there we go again–and again!): OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

Ham McGregor: Portuguese kale and potato soup, root vegetable tagine with lentils, and blue cheese topped zucchini frittata.

Abbey Buckland: Coconut coated turkey, smooth peanut butter, gingered couscous with adzuki bean pilaf.

Blanchard Cafe: Tofu caprese salad (contains pine nuts), honey monkey sandwich (peanuts), vegan soy barbequed tofu.

Prospect: Spinach strawberry almond salad (contains nuts), spicy orange salsa, vanilla ice cream.

Atrium: PB&J on stone ground whole wheat bread, American cheese sandwich on 12 grain bread.

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  1. Anonymous  

    none of these sound particularly appetizing...

  2. hey bwog  

    what's up with the logo?

  3. is  

    this supposed to be an April Fools joke?

  4. d00ds

    Epic Fail. Bring back Downie.

  5. wow  

    This is one of the worst bwog posts ever.

  6. hahahaha  

    Mount Holyoke!

    ...Smith's bitch

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